Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Old - Part 2

Last night I went to a Crowded House concert with Mike and Marcie. When we arrived Mike commented, "This doesn't look like it's going to be a young crowd." It didn't matter though because the show was fantastic and they played most of my favorite songs.

Yah, but this morning I realized that the crowd wasn't young, and not only that, they were our age. This morning after looking at some of their CDs I was reminded that I started listening to them about 21 years ago. Holy Cow! Twenty-one years ago! I was 13 years old when their first album came out.

To me it's amazing that it's been that long and that the band members, who I had big crushes on, are now +/- 50 years old and playing to semi-sold out crowds of thirty somethings.

Later this morning, I met up with an old high school friend who I have somewhat kept in touch with. She was in town for a family thing and we got together for coffee. As we talked about "old times" it occurred to me that we have been out of high school for such a long time...17 years in fact. (ugh, that just makes feel like vomiting) Neither of us have kids, but we have mutual friends who have children who are up to 13 years old. How is that possible? I couldn't have a 13 year old kid, could I?

On my way home from coffee, I stopped at Walmart to pick up some household items like a new iron and an ironing board cover. My ironing board is an over the door board and it's great, but the padding is old and now when I iron I get beehive-type marks on my dark clothes. I was planning on buying a new one, but then was pleasantly surprised that they made replacement covers for the over-the-door ironing boards. How exciting! Yes, I was excited.

(This is not a photo of my board, but my new cover is the same ugly blue.)

When I got my new items home, I spent some time changing the board cover and unpacking my new iron. I had a sense of accomplishment and I was giddy with excitement about my new iron and cover. Yes, you heard right, giddy! HOW SAD IS THAT?

So, today is not only Sunday, a day that I loathe, but it has also been one of those days where I feel like I am 110 years old and my life is basically over. I hate those days!