Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have finally finished going through some 1,500 pictures of my Italy trip. After editing the ones I kept my favorites are now posted on flickr. I have used some of them in posts, but some are new. Check them out if you'd like...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is It Just Me

or is anyone else a little bit annoyed with this whole Boston PD vs. Professor Gates vs. President Obama "thing"? I'm thinking that there are a lot more pressing issues (i.e. health care). This is why politics drives me crazy. Hurry up, have your stinkin' beer and get on with it already!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Real Life Celebrity

I have lived just north of Hollywood my whole life. Movie and TV studios are close by in fact I drive by a film set at least once a month while out running errands. Even though the "biz" is just about on my doorstep, I can count on one hand the number of famous people I have spotted. I won't say it's because I don't really care about famous people - I check out my share of gossip magazines while standing in line at the grocery store. But I think since their world is not the same kind of world I live in, I never really think about it while I'm out.

That was until this past Thursday. My mom is in town and she and I headed to the Farmer's Market for the afternoon. My mom grew up in Burbank and North Hollywood so the Farmer's Market was a place she frequented growing up. We started off at the Grove (a newer shopping area at one end of the Farmer's Market) for some lunch and shopping. While at lunch I told her I was going to keep my eyes open because celebrities are always photographed at the Grove and I knew that if we tried hard enough we'd find one. We did not spot anyone famous while shopping, but that was probably because we were very focused on the Nordstrom's shoe sale.

After our shopping we walked to the Farmer's Market. We wandered around a bit and then decided to stop for a glass of wine at Monsieur Marcel, a cute gourmet shop and restaurant. We sat at the bar, which actually faces out towards the market. While we were sitting there a few guys ran past us, being stopped by some security guards. At first I thought they were being arrested or something, but then all of a sudden a lot more ran by all carrying cameras. "Oh, oh," I said, "That's the paparazzi." As they ran by I asked, "Who is it? Who is it?" Really more to my mom than to anyone else, but one of the paparazzi stopped and said, "David Beckham", and continued on. He's gotten some bad press lately, but he sure is cute. It was kind of exciting, but not exciting enough for me to get up and leave my glass of sangria.

After a little while longer the commotion came the other way. Within seconds, walking right by us was David Beckham, his kids, and some other people including about 20 paparazzis. It was crazy. I found this video online. Don't watch too long because it's 5 minutes of him walking around The Grove trying hard to ignore the annoying paparazzis- boring. However at the very beginning, they walk past the bar we were sitting at. We are off camera, thank goodness, but if they were to have filmed further to the right my mom and I and our delicious sangria would have been famous too!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dental Hygiene

Today I had a dentist appointment. Up until fairly recently I didn't go to the dentist. As a kid my back teeth were tilted funny so no matter how diligent I was I got cavities. My gums were pricked and my teeth drilled almost every time I went to the dentist for several years so when I got to college and didn't have dental insurance anymore (or a mother who lived nearby to make me go) I just stopped going. Even when I became a responsible adult I didn't go. I had such an aversion to the dentist it was just easier not going. That was until about 3 years ago when I cracked a back tooth on a piece of bread at a dinner function for work. I spent the night and next school day in pain, swallowing aspirin by the handful, avoiding a visit to the dentist. I don't know if you've ever had a tooth ache, but it is not something so easily ignored. I asked for some dentist referrals and finally made an appointment for that day after school. Terrified, I clung to the office chair having a full exam and then finally some pain medication for the cracked tooth. The next day I went in for a root canal. For the next three years, after thousands of dollars (both insurance $$ and my $$) my neglected teeth were slowly but surely repaired and made healthy again. I had DEEP cleanings, a couple more root canals, some new cavities filled, some old cavities redone with pretty new white fillings, and regular cleanings. During my last appointment, about 6 months ago, I had what I hoped were my last 3 refillings to bring my teeth back to tip top shape.

Today I had an appointment for a cleaning. I did not realize that it was time for my x-rays and check up as well. Although my dentists have been wonderful and all the work has been virtually pain free, I still have quite a bit of anxiety going, even for cleanings. So having to go through an exam and them possibly finding something else I had to have done (and pay for) increased my blood pressure to say the least.

"Everything looks good," the dentist said after looking at my x-rays and sticking his fingers into my mouth. "Yay!" I gurgled out loud. This is the first time in the last three years that I didn't walk out of the dentist office having just paid a bill or having made an appointment for more work to be done. I did make my next appointment for a cleaning, but that's it. It was a proud, proud day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

And This Is Why I Don't Nap

So, it's 1:00 am, Saturday morning and I am wide awake, ready to clean a closet or something. I've been on summer break for about 2 weeks and today was the first day that I didn't have something to do for work or that I wasn't on the go. I did run some errands and got my hair cut today, but it was a low key day. About 4:00, I got home, sat on the couch and turned on the TV. About4:15, I laid on the couch and fell asleep. I took a 90 minute nap. I NEVER take naps. I obviously needed it, but now I am not tired.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

May WE Rest In Peace (AKA I'm a Heartless B-otch)

As I write this, MJ's memorial is taking place at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles. I am hopeful that the zoo which is the media coverage of his death might also be laid to rest. The last couple of weeks we have been inundated with news about MJ - his death, his family, his career, his will, his kids, etc. etc. etc. It's like nothing else has been happening in the world. I don't understand the overwhelming mourning of a celebrity, someone who is not family or friends, so I am tired of the whole thing. In 24 hours I want to be able to turn on the news and hear about something we haven't heard about in quite a few days, like the Middle East or something.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Damn You Victoria's Secret!

I've been worried about this for a couple of months now. I haven't been able to find the Victoria's Secret bras that I wear in the catalog or online recently. Where once there was a whole line of Body by Victoria bras, there is now a different looking bra carrying the name the Perfect One. I was optimistic though; telling myself that they were just changing the colors for the new season and my trusty bra would be back online soon. You see, this is the only type of bra I have worn for years. It's comfortable, supportive, and keeps the "girls" in line while still looking kinda pretty.

However, this week I stopped by the mall to check and see if my trusty bra was still available. When I asked the sales girl if they were still selling them she looked at me with surprise, "Yes! We have some in the back of the store." She pointed me in the right direction. After a little searching I found the small corner they were in. As I looked through for my size, there was one left. Another sales stopped over. "Are you finding everything ok?" "Uh, no. Are they making anymore of these?" "Ahhh, I....don't.....know. This is all we have." "They're not online anymore either." "Oh, that doesn't sound promising then." Uh, doesn't.

I spent the next ten minutes wandering aimlessly around the store, kind of looking for another one to try, but mostly angry that I couldn't get the one I wanted. The sales girl talked me into trying on the Perfect One (Doesn't that name just piss you off?). I agreed to try it and took it into the dressing room. The fit was iffy, but that could have something to do with the giant security tag attached the back where it hooks closed. Surprisingly, on me it didn't look anything like it does on the model. I decided to buy it, take it home, try it without the security tag, and then make the decision whether I would buy more or just return it.
I'm not terribly happy with it. It just smooshes my boobs, and I don't find it that comfortable. Now what am I going to do? I don't do well with change, so this is stressing me out. Do any of you have a recommendation?