Thursday, July 2, 2009

Damn You Victoria's Secret!

I've been worried about this for a couple of months now. I haven't been able to find the Victoria's Secret bras that I wear in the catalog or online recently. Where once there was a whole line of Body by Victoria bras, there is now a different looking bra carrying the name the Perfect One. I was optimistic though; telling myself that they were just changing the colors for the new season and my trusty bra would be back online soon. You see, this is the only type of bra I have worn for years. It's comfortable, supportive, and keeps the "girls" in line while still looking kinda pretty.

However, this week I stopped by the mall to check and see if my trusty bra was still available. When I asked the sales girl if they were still selling them she looked at me with surprise, "Yes! We have some in the back of the store." She pointed me in the right direction. After a little searching I found the small corner they were in. As I looked through for my size, there was one left. Another sales stopped over. "Are you finding everything ok?" "Uh, no. Are they making anymore of these?" "Ahhh, I....don't.....know. This is all we have." "They're not online anymore either." "Oh, that doesn't sound promising then." Uh, doesn't.

I spent the next ten minutes wandering aimlessly around the store, kind of looking for another one to try, but mostly angry that I couldn't get the one I wanted. The sales girl talked me into trying on the Perfect One (Doesn't that name just piss you off?). I agreed to try it and took it into the dressing room. The fit was iffy, but that could have something to do with the giant security tag attached the back where it hooks closed. Surprisingly, on me it didn't look anything like it does on the model. I decided to buy it, take it home, try it without the security tag, and then make the decision whether I would buy more or just return it.
I'm not terribly happy with it. It just smooshes my boobs, and I don't find it that comfortable. Now what am I going to do? I don't do well with change, so this is stressing me out. Do any of you have a recommendation?


  1. I hate it when that happens, you finally find the one that works for you and before you know it they've discontinued it.

    I've been there! Good luck finding the next real "perfect one" for you!

  2. Warner used to make a bra called The Wrap, and I loved it, but I guess no one else did. Now I'm on a mission. I have never bought a bra at VS because I'm a plus size woman.

    I'm going to the mall today, so maybe I'll see if they have Body By Victoria.

  3. Go to Nordstrom if there's one in your area, and have them fit you - most women don't wear the correct size, you'd be surprised. Nordstrom's lingerie people know how to check your size.

    Then, look at Wacoal bras. I love them. I don't know your style preference, but from the picture,you might like a nice smooth knit racer-back front closure bra they carry that fits like a dream.

    Me, I buy my size online at Bare Necessities and Figleaves, and I like lacy bras, so I like Felina.

    Good luck!

  4. I just discovered my perfect bra. I got it at Macy's and it's called Wacoal. It's a Macy's specialty. It's a bit more expensive than I like to spend, but it is the soft fabric and fits comfortably. And you know a bra on me has a lot to support!! :)

  5. I found a bra at Macy's that I liked 3 years ago and bought 15. I still have 2 brand new ones left : ). Do I know what it is called? No flipping idea though. Good luck. The search for a great bra is horrible.

  6. This is conversation to have over cosmopolitans and buttered popcorn followed by a pillow fight and brushing each others hair.

    Isn't that what girls do when they get together?

    I once found a whole heap of discontinued Yves Saint Laurent cologne Rive Gauche on one of the those internet bulk buy sites, I wonder something like that would have your bras.

  7. Umm, yes. I do have a suggestion.


  8. Actually, I don't want to seem unsympathetic. I just posted that last comment just to be funny. Even though I know you just scowled rolled your eyes at it.

    Hula Hank's comment was funny. He's on a roll today! Does he mean something like

    I have seen bras at the 99 cent store before. Try them. Only 99 cents, not much to lose!

    Okay, okay, I'm still making you scowl and roll your eyes. Sorry. I do understand the frustration of having your favorite products discontinued. Like my Biore Shine Control. It is only available on ebay now for like a zillion dollars.

    Did you try ebay?

  9. LOL to Mr Show. I think I do mean a site like although i am not sure that I have ever been to that.

    I suppose cologne is different to bras because cologne size does need to be a perfect fit.

    Have you tried some string and paper plates?

  10. I enjoy bra shopping as much as I enjoy mile 23 of a marathon...and when I do find one that fits I have to buy like 5 of I don't have to do it all over again for a few years. I have no advice...GOOD LUCK :)

  11. First of all, should it be called The Perfect Two? Just saying.

    I hate it when the model running shoe/bra/whatever that I like is discontinued.

    Did you try eBay? Seriously. I once found the bras I wanted there after they were discontinued and bought ten of them.

  12. Also? I just read your other comments. I don't know who is this Hula Hank, but I'm going to marry him.

  13. Someone mentioned Nordstrom's? That's where I go. I wear La Mystere. They will change your life. OK, maybe not that dramatic, but they totally changed what I look like in a T shirt. For the better. Obviously.