Tuesday, July 7, 2009

May WE Rest In Peace (AKA I'm a Heartless B-otch)

As I write this, MJ's memorial is taking place at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles. I am hopeful that the zoo which is the media coverage of his death might also be laid to rest. The last couple of weeks we have been inundated with news about MJ - his death, his family, his career, his will, his kids, etc. etc. etc. It's like nothing else has been happening in the world. I don't understand the overwhelming mourning of a celebrity, someone who is not family or friends, so I am tired of the whole thing. In 24 hours I want to be able to turn on the news and hear about something we haven't heard about in quite a few days, like the Middle East or something.


  1. I'm with you! I just caught a glance at my TV screen, and someone is singing, and the caption says "Usher". I'm figuring this is going to last several more hours. When it's my turn to sing I'm going with "no where to run, no where to hide" because that's how I feel right now. Maybe I'll head to another matinee.

  2. I kind of wanted to hear about what happened with Obama and Putin. Because Obama? Is hot.


  3. You said it, sistah.

    And you forgot to mention how they likened MJ to Jesus.

  4. So, are we still friends if I watched the whole entire thing and even shed a tear?

  5. I think that people might hate me for how I feel about this, but, I also am sick of the hulabaloo about this. First of all, this is a man that the WHOLE WORLD was condemning just a few short years ago when he was accused of SLEEPING WITH A CHILD.... And secondly, a gold casket? Are you serious? A GOLD CASKET? Couldn't he have used that money to help orphans or something? A gold casket? It's driving me insane, Pumpkin. Truly insane!

  6. You know, I thought it was touching the first time I saw his 11 year old daughter speak and burst into tears.

    But why the F*** are they looping that footage????? It's freaking obscene. Let the kid grieve without flogging the damn footage all over the TeeVee!

    And...is it just me who wonders why Blanket (sorry, don't know his real name) and the other boy kid look like they are chewing gum the whole time? What's with that? I sympathize with the kids and all, but ....really...gum?

    OH, and can we please stop with the testimonials to Joe Jackson?

    I can take Janet, Marlon, Jermaine. But I don't want to see Joe's face.

  7. I'm so sick of it too. Yesterday at work they had to tell people to quit watching the online broadcast of the funeral because so many people were doing it and it was slowing our computer system down.

    It was nice to listen to NPR this morning and hear about the G8 summit and the supreme court justice nominee.

    Our world is NUTS!

  8. Well, I watched the entire thing. It was a thinly veiled ploy at career advancement for all the celebs and politicians and pastors that appeared, with the exception of Brooke Shields and Usher.

    The only touching moment was his daughter and Janet Jackson rushing her offstage. I shed a tear.

    Now I am glad we can move on without the daily movie length special documentaries each deveoted to either his life, music, video clips, friends, family, or obsessions.

    There will be a movie within the year... starring Usher.

    Anyhow, Australian news or TV is not that fascinating, so it was nice change of pace from the Law & Orders, CSI's, NCIS, SUVs and Border Patrols.

  9. Is the traffic back to normal now? : )