Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo App Recipes

I’ve written before about my obsession with the photo apps on my iphone.  And now Dave, over at Clearer Reflections, is hosting an online project for those who have this addiction.  It is called Dave's Apps Recipe Book.  It’s a chance for phone photo editors to share their work and the “recipe” they used to get there.  Here are mine…

Having just returned from NYC, I’ve been playing around with those photos anyways. 

I enjoyed shooting the carousel in Central Park.  This is the original.
nyc 098 
This is the edited version.
photo 1Horsey Recipe
Using the app 100 cameras in 1
- Photo was enlarged and cropped
- In the “madness” effects, “the light fell between the trees” was chosen – saved
- In the “zen” effects, “when I was dirty and you laughed” was chosen - saved
Using the app Pic Grunger
- Aged Effects was chosen (style – gig, strength - 60 percent, border – on)
- Saved

In Brooklyn, we passed by this amazing wall on the way to the Brooklyn Art Library.
nyc 136
This is the edited version.
photo 2 The Graffiti Recipe
Using the app PS Express
- Image was cropped to remove shadows
- In effects, “vibrant” was chosen
Using the app Pixloromatic
- In effects (light bulb) “bocea” was chosen – saved
- In the effects (light bulb) “worn” was chosen
- In border “dirt” was chosen
- saved

Wow!  Now a good excuse to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning screwing around with photo apps.  Woot!  Woot!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Day (Or Two) Running Through NYC

After sleeping in, we got a little bit later start on the second day in New York.  We weren’t quite as manic as the first day, but we did venture into every corner of the city…
A quick ride into Manhattan

nyc 086

and then a walk to Central Parknyc 087 
nyc 090It was a beautiful day!

I especially enjoyed the carousel.

nyc 093
nyc 094 nyc 097 nyc 098
nyc 102 nyc 105 nyc 107  I love beautiful skies…nyc 114 nyc 115and to laugh!

Bethesda Terrace (1863 – that’s old for us!)
nyc 122  nyc 119  nyc 127 nyc 129 nyc 118nyc 132

After a quick bite of lunch, we took the subway into Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Art Library.  I’ve been wanting to visit this storefront for the last couple of years, since signing up to participate in the Sketchbook Project. 
nyc 138 nyc 139

nyc 145Rows and rows of filled sketch books…I was in heaven.  We signed up for a library card and spent about 2 hours at the reading table checking out more and more books.
ny3  They are all amazing!

nyc 152 nyc 141  nyc 143 nyc 146 nyc 150 nyc 151

We finally had to pull ourselves away and head towards Union Square for dinner at Max Brenner, …a chocolate restaurant!
nyc 160 nyc 155My college roommate Rachel lives in New Jersey now.  She met us at the restaurant for a quick visit.
nyc 156

After dinner, Rach and I shared an ice cream sundae with chocolate and peanut butter sauce.
 nyc 157

And Jill and Tracey ordered this chocolate fondue party!  Being a chocolate lover, Jill was in heaven!
nyc 159
We rolled out of Max Brenner and made our way to the PIT (Peoples Improv Theater) for a show.  Tracey has some friends who perform there regularly.

After the show we were off to more shopping in Time Square and then to bed.  It was another productive day!

On Sunday, both Jill and I had a later flight home, so had a few hours which we made the most of…
The Museum of the Moving Image currently has a Jim Henson exhibit.   nyc 165 nyc 170 






nyc 175
nyc 177 nyc 179nyc 178Sesame Street and the Muppets were such a big part of my childhood, seeing all of Henson’s hand drawn designs and reading stories about his creative process was so interesting.  The exhibit was very well done.

After playing around in the other exhibits, it was time for a late lunch and some last minute visiting before heading to the airport.

It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Big Apple

Some friends and I met up in New York City for the weekend.  New York has never been my favorite city to visit.  I’ve been a few other times to see friends who live there, and I find it rather claustrophobic and so crowded.  However, I had a plane ticket that needed to be rebooked in the next 6 months, some friends in the city, and another friend in Virginia who was willing to fly there as well…the weekend was booked and highly anticipated.

I made the mistake of not packing my real camera  because I didn’t want to carry it around.  The iPhone didn’t take any pictures that I would enlarge and put on the wall, but they did capture the highlights of an amazing time…

nyc 002

We stayed in Astoria which is a lovely neighborhood in Queens. nyc 003 nyc 009 I taught with Jill when she lived here in California before moving back to the East Coast.  Her sister Tracey, who also lived in LA for awhile, is an actor and photographer who lives in NYC.  Tracey took us on a wild, fun filled weekend!

After we all arrived Thursday night and Friday morning we were ready for our “running” tour.  The only time we stopped was when I yelled, “Wait, I’m taking a picture!” 
- The best part about being in a big city…taking the subway!
nyc 011
- A stop at TKTS to purchase Broadway tickets for later that night
- Lunch at South Street Seaport with views of the Brooklyn Bridge

 nyc 019 nyc 024 nyc 025- Battery Park to see the World Trade Center Globe Memorial and the Statue of Liberty 
nyc 046 nyc 034
I had never made a point to see the Statue of Liberty when I was in New York before.  We didn’t have time to do the museum, but at least I got to see it.
nyc 042 Battery Park
- We passed through Zuccotti Park which is the home of the Occupy Wall Street protestors.
nyc 055 nyc 057 nyc 058 nyc 060 nyc 063 I think I understand what the protest is about, but I wondered as we walked by if, one, how many of the protestors actually knew what they were protesting, two, how many of them would be jobless even if we weren’t in a financial mess, and three, how long it had been since they had taken a shower.
- After fighting our way through the protestors, we found our way to Canal Street to buy purses, (which I guess is ironic to a point). nyc 068- and then had dinner in Little Italy.
nyc 069
- Books of Wonder was next – Have you ever seen the movie “You’ve Got Mail?”.  The children’s bookstore that Meg Ryan runs in the movie was based on Books of Wonder.  Well-known children’s authors and illustrators visit on a regular basis and sign their books.  It is like a candy store for those of us who love children’s literature…
nyc 071 nyc 072 nyc 073  nyc 075
They had signed copies of The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  It took every part of me not buy it.  It is such a wonderful book, but I already own it AND it weighs as much as a brick and I didn’t want to carry it home in my luggage.
- We wasted some time in Time Square before the show started.
nyc 079 nyc 076 nyc 078 Time Square is the epitome of what I don’t like about New York City.  It is SO crowded.  The lights and busyness are fun, but I don’t like being bumped into!
- It was then time for a Broadway Show!  We saw Billy Elliot, which was wonderful.  nyc 080
nyc 085  nyc 084 I do like that theatres on the East Coast are very, old, ornate, and usually smaller than their West Coast counterparts.  Our seats were half price, and they were great. 
- We headed back to Time Square for some shopping after the show, before making our way home for the night.

And that was just day 1!