Monday, October 24, 2011


After a wonderful long weekend in New York City with friends (which I’ll post about later), I’m now begrudgingly headed to bed because morning will come soon enough, and it will be time to go back to work.  I got back into LA very early this morning so spent the day catching up on sleep and chores, playing in the art room, and NOT working on any of the school work I brought home with me. 

sign Hmmmmmm….


  1. You really want to know what I was doing while I was avoiding work? Really? You run a Family Blog, right?

  2. @becky - yes we had a great time!

    @mark - What?!?! A family blog? Have you met me?

  3. Totally agree...and I hope N.Y. was grand! I thoroughly enjoyed my time there this summer...even if 1/2 of it was a school!

  4. Seems with that new jet Boeing has built you will be able to fly back and forth for next to nothing.
    We don't really get that with you 'Mericans. We would never think of Perm for the weekend. Or Beirut for that matter.

  5. @vince-I'd like someone to invent wiggling my nose and magically apoearing as a mode of transportation. Traveling across country for the weekend is not my norm. In fact after working all week I don't even want to get in the car on the weekends. It's only about 5.5 hours to get cross country and 6 to get home, so it wasn't too bad considering I had an extra day at either end. Ireland to Lebanon? When you put it that way it seems ridiculous, and I actually think that trip is shorter! :)

  6. We need to think of another job or a way to do our job without it affecting us so...

  7. My cousin, who is also a teacher in Seattle, is just having the same procrastination trouble. Grading papers / playing on Facebook.

    LOL I think it is funny!

  8. @Jlo - Right?!?! Teaching should be hard and exhausting, and I signed up for that! What I didn't sign up for was the hard and exhausting coming from everyone BUT the kids. Argh!

    @Hula - Procrastinating is pretty easy on the computer - but blogging for the rest of my life? Even worse facebooking!

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