Monday, October 17, 2011

This Gluttony Must Stop…Just Not Yet

With birthdays and out-of-town guests and Dine LA the last three weeks have been spent on an eating-out marathon. 

Going out to dinner as a social occasion is something I do like participating in – good conversation along with good food, what’s not to like?  But I know it’s been too much when going out to dinner sounds like the least appealing thing to do, ever. 

Most of these meals out have just been to local and/ or chain restaurants – a quick bite after a late meeting or meet ups with good friends.  However, I’ve also visited a few very fancy places that aren’t usually in my “going out” repertoire…

My mom had been traveling in Spain, and on her way back home she stopped in LA for a quick visit.  We had a family dinner at Ruth’s Chris for a belated birthday celebration. 

dine 3

After a wedge salad, their filet, sizzling in garlic, was served.  It cuts like butter!

Along with the au gratin potatoes.

dine 5Warm apple crumb tart for the birthday girl (me)!  Of course it was shared amongst all at the table just before we rolled out of the restaurant.

This fall, Dine LA was the first two weekends in October.  It is such a good chance to try expensive popular restaurants at a fixed cost.  It would have been criminal not to take advantage of it…twice!

On Thursday, we went to Asia de Cuba in the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.  It was a very pretty restaurant overlooking the city.  We had a picture window table.

dine la 11 010 The food was very pretty, but some of it was really prettier than the flavor of it…
dine la 11 012

    The drinks were good, and rimmed in gold!
dine la 11 009

The first appetizer was actually quite tasty – a braised beef spring roll.

dine la 11 008  
The sauce on the lemongrass chicken skewers was better than the chicken.
dine la 11 011
The strip steak with a ginger soy sauce and chick pea fries were very good.

dine la 11 013
Cuban opera layer cake was so so.  It was sweet, but not much else.  The coffee brittle ice cream and chocolate thing were delicious though.

The week before, we visited Lucques, also in West Hollywood.  It was amazing!  We shared …
 dine la 11 004
baked gnocchi with eggplant

dine la 11 006Hanger steak with squash and shallots

dine la 11 002Chicken with cornbread pudding and chorizo

 dine la 11 001 
Warm apple crostada with salted caramel
ice cream
dine la 11 003
Chocolate torte with hazelnut caramel and coffee ice cream

Now I’m not saying that all these restaurant visits weren’t completely delish, but their frequency is definitely taking its toll.  I haven’t cooked a meal at home in weeks.  Since usually, my left-overs are used for lunch at work, I’ve been brown bagging it with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It’s all getting to be too much really.  My wallet is shrinking and my waistline is expanding.  It must stop.  Now! 

Except that I leave for New York City this weekend.  I guess I will have to wait to stop until a week from NOW!


  1. Thanks for coming by Asia de Cuba LA for dineLA! Your pictures are great!

  2. not fair when I am sitting here hungry with nothing to eat but cereal for lunch! Have to get cracking to Publix.

  3. Ohhh seriously my mouth is watering.... You eat so well! I too love visiting restaurants as a treat and indulging a little. watching my waistline now though til Christmas. X

  4. I like that there was little on the meat beyond a very few bit that would open your buds. As far as I'm concerned, whenever I find meat swimming in sauce, actually drowning would be more accurate, I cannot help but think what is the chief trying to hide.
    You've some very good photos in there. Tiz wicked hard to light a plate of food properly. Under and it's grey. Over and it looks like an expensive hooker.

  5. It looks like a big chocolate sperm. Someone had to say it!

    The first restuarant's food looks OK,but there seems it seems to lack a delicate touch in the presentation.

    Lucques (spelling??) looks absolutely divine! Great presentation, the food just looks like it would taste amazing!

    PS for Jason - my word verification is "CLOGGER" hehehe

  6. Sorry, not the first restaurant, which was Ruth's Chris, I meant the second restuarant in the hotel.

  7. @3rdnlong - I agree, eating cereal isn't fair, anytime. I'm not a big fan of cereal. :)

    @Jennie - That's a good plan. Unfortunately, we have Thanksgiving between now and then too. Ugh!

    @Vince - I'm in complete agreement with that steak philosophy. When I was little I liked ketchup on dad was mortified. Now I'm a purest. The photos were just lucky. I put the phone as close as possible and used the flash which lit up the entire restaurant. An expensive hooker? Well, I guess that's better than a cheap one. ;)

  8. @Hula - Ha ha ha! I didn't even think of that and now, well now I am. :) I agree, Lucques was amazing. We really enjoyed that one. I'd go back there again and even pay regular price!

  9. I like my girls with some meat on 'em! You'd fit right in here in Central PA. But good luck in NY, they are as skinny as toothpicks!

  10. Would you please remove the first picture of that steak?

    Every time I see it, I get very hungry!!!!