Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo App Recipes

I’ve written before about my obsession with the photo apps on my iphone.  And now Dave, over at Clearer Reflections, is hosting an online project for those who have this addiction.  It is called Dave's Apps Recipe Book.  It’s a chance for phone photo editors to share their work and the “recipe” they used to get there.  Here are mine…

Having just returned from NYC, I’ve been playing around with those photos anyways. 

I enjoyed shooting the carousel in Central Park.  This is the original.
nyc 098 
This is the edited version.
photo 1Horsey Recipe
Using the app 100 cameras in 1
- Photo was enlarged and cropped
- In the “madness” effects, “the light fell between the trees” was chosen – saved
- In the “zen” effects, “when I was dirty and you laughed” was chosen - saved
Using the app Pic Grunger
- Aged Effects was chosen (style – gig, strength - 60 percent, border – on)
- Saved

In Brooklyn, we passed by this amazing wall on the way to the Brooklyn Art Library.
nyc 136
This is the edited version.
photo 2 The Graffiti Recipe
Using the app PS Express
- Image was cropped to remove shadows
- In effects, “vibrant” was chosen
Using the app Pixloromatic
- In effects (light bulb) “bocea” was chosen – saved
- In the effects (light bulb) “worn” was chosen
- In border “dirt” was chosen
- saved

Wow!  Now a good excuse to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning screwing around with photo apps.  Woot!  Woot!


  1. These are great!!! Don't you just love 100 Cameras! I have so much fun playing with all its filters!!

    Thanks for joining in the fun!!

  2. Love both the before and the after images!

  3. I wish I had an iphone solely for the camera apps! Alas, the forced monthly plan that comes with it is too much to bear...
    Your photos look really awesome!

  4. @Dave - Yes! 100 Cameras is great...I haven't paid for the additional filters, but it's tempting.

    @Becky - Ya, right!

    Seth - Thanks!

    Sparkleblue Faery - Thanks! Yes, the iphone is great...I mean for everything EXCEPT actually using it as a phone. :)

  5. I love that horse photo! With that little app, you have made a work of art!

  6. i think we will all be playing with apps more especially after seeing all the effects.

  7. @Mark - Thanks! That's my fave of the two!

    @LR - Yah, wasting more time playing...just what I need to do!

  8. nice! although that graffiti wall shot is awesome on it's own :)

  9. love the horse photo - you gave it such a different feel and content from the original - looks very "historic"!