Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photo Fun

I am addicted to the photo apps on my iPhone.  A few weeks ago I downloaded Instagram and can’t stop playing with it.  It is a free app that makes photos look old with filters that change the colors, over or underexpose, and add borders or scratches. 

It’s kind of ironic that I have a real camera that takes amazing pictures, but when I go out it sits in my car, and I shoot with with my much more convenient iPhone.  Then those pictures are adjusted to look like photos from years ago before the expensive digital cameras were even invented.  Oh well, it’s fun anyhow.

Cherry Picking 

stuff 044

stuff 054 
stuff 056 
stuff 055  
The Big Irish Fair – Irvine Meadows, 6/18/11 

stuff 007 
stuff 040     stuff 039

stuff 057
stuff 060 
stuff 061  
The Farmer’s Market 
stuff 063 
stuff 064Around the House 
stuff 062stuff 065
stuff 374 stuff 375 stuff 376   
I’m digging the vintage look! 


  1. I've seen a lot of people doing that on FB, but since I STILL have a Grandma phone, I didn't know how they were doing that. Can you take some pics of my kids like that? I bet they'd print out cool!

  2. Of course I would! The next time I'm over just remind me. We need to get you a new phone though's time grandma!

  3. I laugh because Many photographers state they hate over editing but they love that app. And of course it totally over edits. The pictures are awesome!!!! So glad your summer is wonderful.

  4. When mothers harness their daughters into the Dancing Outfit they are building a woman that has a unique outlook. That childhood training in Irish Dance is what the elite armed force, SEALS and the like, aim but never quite achieve.

  5. @Becky - It's fun app. Summer was good, but now over...sadlly.

    @Vince - Plus their legs move freakishly fast.

  6. I haven't tried this yet but it looks
    like fun

  7. I keep thinking and thinking about getting an IPhone. The thing is, I don't need one at all. And would I carry my IPhone and my 30lb camera at the same time? I doubt it.
    Love those photos. They're very 1969. m.

  8. Pumpkin,

    I recently purchased a very expensive Canon SLR camera to take those "special" pictures. So what camera do I still use ALL the time? My trust, comfortable, always ready iPhone! That's what I did today when I wanted to capture a rainbow.

  9. I'm digging them too! I especially like the one of Paris. Or was that Nicole?