Monday, August 8, 2011

The Architecture

Due to the weather, we didn’t take the architecture river cruise until my last day in Chicago.  I am so glad we waited because, even though it was still hot and humid, there was blue sky which made me happy.

Even though I DID pay attention on the cruise, I  can’t really remember the names of all the buildings because I was also very busy taking pictures. The views were so good from that vantage point.  The architecture is quite diverse.  Some of my favorite pics…

After the river cruise, we walked to Millennium Park…   stuff 310_2 stuff 310_5…and The Bean!

I really wanted to go up in the Hancock Building.  

The views promised to be incredible from the 100th floor.

But rather than pay $23 per person to go up in the elevator, we paid $23 total to each have a drink at The Signature Bar on the 97th floor (including a free elevator ride).  The view and the cocktail were worth it!
stuff 321_7

Chicago is a beautiful city!


  1. I think you made a good choice :) How much better could the view be 3 floors up? The drinks look sensational.

  2. @Becky and Angelica - Right?!?! What difference could 3 floors make was exactly my thinking, and the drinks to boot. That was definitely a good tip.

  3. What cocktail did you enjoy???? It looks very refreshing for a hot day!

  4. @Hula - Mine was a raspberry vodka minty thing. It was! Thanks for the good idea!

  5. Could you not have walked up the last three.

    Anyhoos, lovely photos. You could sell the one from mid river with the Hancock -very misfortune naming- filling the center.

  6. @Vince - Sheesh, I never even thought of that. Not sure if we would have been allowed to, but it certainly wouldn't have hurt to try. Next time! Yes, an unfortunate name. :)

  7. Great photos....looks like so much fun! Now Chicago is on my bucket list :)

    City Pass...that's what you get a discount on attractions AND the best part is you get to go to the front of the line...or a separate line. That was the best thing we did in NY.

    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Did I miss the post about deep dish pizza?

  9. @M - Thanks!

    @Blonde Duck - No, I haven't done it yet. It's next! :)