Friday, August 12, 2011

Crafty McCraftster

Crafts are not usually something I like doing.  Drawing, painting, collage, and photography are more my cup of tea.  The most crafty I get is I do like to make cards.  Making cute, handmade things is the last thing I need as we saw in the hoarders decluttering posts.  In my case, craft = crap.  I don’t need anything else in this house.

That was until this past month.  I didn’t have to go into work and didn’t have any substantial plans for a few days.  With some upcoming get togethers with friends and family  at my house, I decided to get a little crafty.

First, I made some luminaries out of mason jars.  stuff 020

I had everything I needed in the art room except the mason jars, so it was a really inexpensive project. stuff 005I found some  colored tissue in the wrapping paper box and tore it into pieces.

Using an old paint brush, I spread YES pva glue on the inside of the jars.
stuff 031

The tissue was placed onto the glue and secured using the other side of a the brush. 

stuff 033

In some cases I had to spread the glue over the top of the tissue as it wanted to lift a bit.

stuff 036 stuff 038I liked how they turned out, but there was something missing. 
stuff 080So the tops were painted with coordinating acrylic paint.  They look really cute scattered about the yard with battery operated tea lights.  So easy…I’d like to make 24 more!

Later, I made some wine gift tags.  Some friends and I got together for a wine and cheese party at my house.  It turned into a wine and cheese competition, and these were the prizes.  Unlike the luminaries, these went home with my guests and aren’t cluttering my house.
 stuff 057 stuff 061 stuff 063
For now I’ve had my fill of crafts.  With only two days of vacation left, it’s time to begrudgingly get back to work.  Booooooo!


  1. Looks like fun...I love to get crafty but never have time....and my kids come back to school on the school/new kids/new staff/new everything down to the classroom chairs :)

  2. ADORABLE... I absolutely love those tealight jars. So pretty. Great at BB time right? I was reading your post and thought so how does the tissue paper not catch light? Ahhhhh battery powered tea lights - never heard of them, but I will look out for them now ! Ive followed your blog... maybe you would consider taking a look at mine too? Keep up the creative work - love it !

  3. Ahhhh HOW do i follow your blog? Usually there is a Blogger follow widget?

  4. They turned out great! I can't do crafts to save my life. Or maybe I can but I have no interest in them whatsoever.
    School's starting already? Seriously? That doesn't sound right.

  5. @M - You get crafty plenty with your embroidery. Can't wait to hear all about the "newness" of the year. I do wish we weren't starting for another week or two.

    @Jennie Louise - Thanks for stopping by. Actually, the luminaries would have been fine even with regular tealights. If you use a PVA glue or something like Modgepodge it puts a coating over the tissue...Like decoupage!

  6. @Mark - You're too busy decluttering your house to do crafts. :) I know, back to school already hurts my feelings.

  7. Sorry, I'm a bit lost. What are the jam jars for exactly. Surely if you lid them the candle will quench. Are they to keep Mozzies at bay.
    Do you punch holes in the lid like a zippo lighter does that stop the wind blowing them out.

  8. @Vince-the lids aren't put on them. The mason jars are just a cheap way to make them and they aren't a fire hazard like paperbag luminaries. If one used the battery operated tealights they wouldn't burn out, but I didn't think they needed lids at all regardless.

  9. Excellent - Im happy now - finally found a way to follow this blog. I copied your URL link... so i'm now following you ! ;-D

  10. I forgot it doesn't rain out your way. And you can light a garden JUST FOR THE FUN. The very idea of putting paper bags with a candle is utterly ludicrous here on this Isle.

    Jennie L; If you click on that orange square thingy on the address bar it will give you options for a reader. Otherwise just bookmark the page in the bookmarks tab.

  11. Everything is so cute! I love the wine tags. I need to get more crafty!

  12. @Vince - No, we don't have the rain you do. I don't leave out all the time though since my sprinklers are once a day. They're just for fun on special occassions. I trust you will not be gathering your supplies for this craft. :)

  13. @Lacy - I've been trying to comment on your blog for a few weeks now and keep getting a message saying I'm not allowed to. I parked next to your car today and was going to leave you a nasty note about it, but Larry sidetracked me. :) Anyhow, I think it has to do with bloggers stupid sign in bs.

  14. I tried them too !! Thank you for this post - i love getting creative. Take a look, see what you think.
    Thanks again, your blog is very impressive. Jennie x