Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Straw Poll

This weekend the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa took place.  A cross between a Republican convention and a state fair, the Straw Poll is an informal polling of Republicans in Iowa with the hopes of making a prediction of which candidate will represent the republicans in the upcoming election.

The state fair part comes with the candidates setting up in booths, handing out buttons, talking with the crowd.  Some have popular musicians on stage for them while others have games and rides for the kids that might stop by.  While serious voters roam through the booths, they are tempted by all sorts of tasty (and by tasty I mean fried) state-fair treats that are available in each candidates area. 

This year’s newest treat made an appearance at the Straw Poll.  Sarah Palin even tweeted about her excitement to try this culinary phenomenon.
deep fried butta1 deep fried buttaNope, that’s not a corn dog or a deep fried twinkie.  That is deep fried butter my friends.  Deep!  Fried!  Butter!  Butter fried in butter!  Not only does it just sounds bad, the butter alone, before being dipped in breading and fried in fat, is over 400 calories. 

Which leads me to wonder…Why is Iowa picked as the state that predicts our country’s future? Do the people who eat deep-fat fried fat have enough sense to make a decision that is taken so seriously?

Michelle “Hoot-Smalley Tariff Act" Bachmann was the apparent victor in the Straw Poll. 
deep fried butta4  My point exactly!


  1. Have you seen this

  2. First you had me craving deep dish pizza. Now deep fried butter--it's revolting but still makes you drool...

    My husband really needs to get off his diet. I'm dying over here!

  3. @Vince - Yes! I have, but I had no idea it originated in Scotland. What a surprise as I thought those of you on the other side of the ocean had more sense then us big, dumb Americans. :)

    @The Blonde Duck - No, no one should go off their diet for DF butter. Maybe deep dish pizza, but not butter. :)

  4. are so funny. I love when you pick the worst pics of our leaders. makes me laughout loud.

  5. You are so funny. Deep fried anything is just revolting

  6. OMG deep fried butter? For real? what is wrong with these people? I can feel my arteries thickening just thinking about it. Great photo of that lady eating that sausage shaped stick of fatiness. Too funny!

  7. Oprah and Gail did it when they were in Texas.
    That photo of poor old Michele is a hoot! m.

  8. @JLo - Politicians at their best! :)

    @Banker Chick - I know, nasty!

    @Jennie - That "lady" is one of the many republican presidential hopefuls Michelle Bachmann. She's bat sh$% crazy, so that picture suits her just fine. :)

    @Mark - I had another one of her just looking at the fried thing on a stick, but then found this one. SO much better!

  9. Those bat shit crazy republican candidates can eat all the deep fried butter they want... as a matter of fact, they should increase their daily intake of deep fried butter.