Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post-Its Here, Post-Its There!

Post-It notes have become quite a novelty in my classroom this month.  A few weeks ago, I passed them out to my students, and we used them for graphing tools.  We drew pictures on them for picture graphs, and they make good bars for the bar graphs.  The lessons I do with them always go over quite well.  This year however, it seems to have created more of a stir than ever before. 

A few of my students hoarded the ones I passed out to teams during the graphing lessons.  Some  kids have brought in various colors and sizes from home.  And now we have Post-It notes EVERYWHERE!  Not a minute goes by without a sticky note stuck to someone’s finger, desk, pencil box, book, arm, leg, etc.  Throughout the day, I spot random notes on the floor, and at the end of the day I’m pulling them off of the computer, filing cabinets, and cupboard doors.  I’m beginning to feel like this is slowly happening to our classroom…

I’m a bit of an office supply nut myself, so even though this joy over Post-Its is becoming a bit unruly, it’s also a little bit endearing.  Hopefully this trend will run its course in the near future, but until then I’m biting my tongue.  School needs to be at least a little bit fun.  If sticky notes are doing it for them right now, who am I to complain.  Who knows, maybe we can turn them into an art project like this…


  1. This is cute, It's good that you can have a sense of humor about the post-its. School should be fun sometimes

  2. I think your kids might like this:


    Laura was fascinated. :-)

  3. its good to see a project that is still hand written/operated and not "texted" to each other or posted on facebook. :-)

  4. Can I mail a packet of 12 or so to you? I'm serious! I would love to help you along.
    You know my email address.

  5. School needs to be a a little bit fun? Who knew?

  6. @Banker Chick - A sense of humor is the only thing getting me through most days. :)

    @Cheri - ha ha! That is amazing! I'll have to share.

    @3rdnlong - I know. Since my kids are only 7 I still don't have any with phones (that they bring to school anyways), but I'm sure that kind of thing is only a year or two away.

    @Mark - What!?! Are you crazy? I was only joking when I said I'd do an art project...we don't have time for art! :)

  7. Let's totally do that to Jason's classroom!

  8. OHMY! The car and office are over the top! I hope your classroom is not that bad :) At the Teacher's College Reading Project they showed us how to use Post Its with kinders...I haven't braved that lesson yet.