Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meet Up

This weekend Grandma J, Jason from The Jason Show and his family, Hula Hank and his family, and I met up in LA at the Grove.

Grandma J, a former Californian/current Texan, is in SoCal visiting family. Hula Hank, a former American/current Australian, is traveling across America with his partner and his son. We were so lucky that they both happened to be in town AT-THE-SAME-TIME. Can you believe it? I know, me neither!
Pictured left-to-right (initials used to protect the innocent, non-bloggers)...
S, Hula Hank, Grandma J, B, Jason Show, D, and GC. I was taking the picture.

It was a beautiful, Los Angeles day and we had a fun, fun time. Thanks for a great visit guys!


  1. It was a whole lot of fun. Thank you for your sweet hospitality.
    Ummm...innocent non-bloggers? Does that me the rest of us not so innocent? :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. Way to all rub it in on all three blogs so I feel like an even bigger loser for not being there. In my defense, I didn't know kids were invited. I might have been able to swing it. There will be a next time, right?

  3. P.S. How do you kwwp up with all of the blogs on your side thingy?

  4. This looks like SO much fun! I am glad you could all meet. I don't know Hula Hank yet, but I am certainly going to check him out! Any friend of yours, and Jason's and Grandma J's is a friend of mine!

  5. That is so cool you were all able to meet up. I'm glad for you. Sounds like a nice time!!!!

  6. What a fabulous time we had and jlo didn't!!!! LOL

    Finally in Cleveland and have internet access again so I can keep up with everyone!

    Hope you are well!!

  7. It sounds like you had a great time! How fun!