Thursday, June 13, 2013


Before leaving for Portugal, any past visitors I spoke with about my trip said that a visit to Sintra was a must.  I was told numerous times the town and its palace were just beautiful. 

My research seemed to second that advice.  I was drawn to the palace immediately.  Sintra was the city I most looked forward to visiting.

While in Lisbon, we took a day trip up to Sintra. 

The sun was seen a bit in Lisbon, but as we headed north it grew overcast.  And as we climbed the mountain to the palace the mist was so heavy I could barely see my hand in front of my face.  The colorful Pena Palace was dull and gray upon my visit.  But even so, it was so opulent and unique – like a fairy tale castle.

Stuff 197_1

Stuff 197_2
Once inside the palace, the tile work was incredible.  As I’ve mentioned, I was most taken with the tile in all of Portugal.  It was on a grand scale inside the palace – very detailed.

Stuff 201_1 
After the visit, we headed back down the mountain to the town of Sintra. 

Another delicious pastry, Queijadas de Sintra, and a wine tasting.  I wasn’t completely taken with Portuguese food, but their pastries were quite good.  This one was probably my favorite. 

  Sintra is a charming town, and I wish I had more than just the day for a visit.  Maybe next time.


  1. I don't know if I should congratulate or commiserate.
    I like the mist, it looks very mysterious.

    1. Oh, the food in the Mediterranean cities and towns is extremely stratified. Very very few items would cross down the classes. In fact the only true item that all would consume would be the communion Host at mass on Sunday.

    2. Oh, well thanks. The low light really got me with this trip's photos. I've not traveled in such poor weather before therefore have become accustomed to having successful photos. I'm such a color fiend and I don't have enough knowledge to correct them when the light is bad either with the camera or in photoshop. This trip's batch was pretty disappointing. But what are ya gonna do....go back I guess. :)
      As for the food, meh. Being along the coast, fish is the mainstay, rightly so, but I can't eat it so I was limited. I find pastries too sweet usually, but most of theirs had cinnamon incorporated so they weren't as sugary-sweet as I've had.

    3. That light is what I deal with most of the time. It's why my shots from the mountain do not have depth of field as I cannot close the app without shoving the ISO into the realm where it's pure noise.
      In photoshop you have four sliders 1 whites 2 blacks 3 shadows, and 4 highlights. Move the black down to where it will blacken the darks entirely, then move the slider up a bit. Then do the same with the whites. Move the shadows up to 100 and the highlights down to near zero.

      I couldn't remember where the adjustments were in PS, layers. It's the same in PS. Lr was what I was doing above. I awoke at 3am and said to myself 'Idiot, that was Lr you were telling her about, not PS'.

    5. Oh thanks for the link. My knowledge of photoshop is limited. I've learned to do what I need to do for my good light pics, just small adjustments. Anything beyond that, well, I need to take the time to play around with the program to figure more out as I'm probably using 1% of its capabilities. I'll check out the link.

  2. Even shrouded in fog, Pena Palace looks incredible. What incredible journeys you take.

    1. It was really an incredible place. So much history and many fun stories about how it came to be. I can see why everyone who has been recommends visiting.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's bittersweet though as I (stupidly?) agreed to spend the next two weeks developing curriculum at the district level. Not quite as exhausting as kids, but not at all as relaxing as summer break. :)