Sunday, April 6, 2014

It’s Official, I’m On Vacation

The very best part of being on a school break is NOT having to get up at 5:40 in the morning.  Being able to turn off that alarm clock, at least most of the time, is just heavenly.  Even so, Rigby is often still on working time.  She usually rises earlier than I on vacation, interrupting my sleeping-in with a cold nose or sitting on my head.  She’ll settle back down for a bit.  At the beginning of break 7:30/8:00 was the max of settling down, then later in the week she made it until about 9:00.  And hey, 9:00 was great!

One week down though, and this morning I woke to the clock.
stuff 347(In my defense of the late time, the clock is 20 minutes fast because the clock saying 6:00 is far better than 5:40 when the alarm goes off every morning.)

The later I sleep in, the later I stay up (because at heart I’m a night person), and the cycle continues.  So after a week of break, the time didn’t surprise me to a point.  I’m good a sleeping in.  What surprised me was that even though the late time, I had to wake Rigby up.  She was OUT.

stuff 351

It takes a little time to ease into vacation mode.  I think we’re there.  Luckily, there’s still a week left to enjoy it.


  1. Delighted to hear you settling in to well deserved holidays. I know you've said before but I'm still shocked at the time of your rising. It's just uncivilised to set up employment that has you going at that hour.
    A truly lovely shot of Rigby, she's just looking to see if you are there. And she's only half awake.

    I'm writing this via tablet. It's as quick as typing as long as I remember where the letters are.
    And I have a whole series of these things =-O :-P ;-) :-( :'( :-\ ✳✴©®↙↖↘◀♠♣. :-D

    1. It is uncivilized! It's getting harder and harder to do it every morning too. Thank goodness for vaca! It's funny how Rigby adapts to my energy level. When I'm on the move, so is she, but when I'm not, she's cool with that too, at least for awhile. :)
      I bet you will find the tablet will replace your computer for most things anymore. It's so convenient, no? I use mine for pretty much everything now except long term writing/work product or photo work. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    2. If I have an issue it is that I cannot see all the text so I can read it as a whole. Also it seems ill have to clean it out very regularly as it got sluggish.
      My one will GBP me with a shoulder if I've record to go and accent moving fast enough for her likings. Little scamp. :-)

    3. Yah, it's good to close out the windows/apps to keep things from getting too bogged down.

      GBP? British pounds? Is that another slang? :)
      Yes, they can be pushy. And I'm such a pushover, letting her get away with it because it's cute.

    4. GBP should be 'shove' .
      Agh, I rewrite the thing.
      My one -Jessy- will shove me with a shoulder if I'm not moving fast enough for her liking.

    5. Stupid autocorrect! :) It's a double edged sword on the tablets. With the funky touchscreen keyboard it is kind of nice that it adjusts typos - I make tons on the touchscreen and it's like it reads my mind. On the other hand, sometimes it's reading someone else's mind and changes the words completely. I know there is a way to turn it off, but I haven't due to its convenience most of the time.

  2. Lucky you!! 2 weeks off?
    My daughter had this past week off...I don't get break until the week after will make our June 25th end date not seem so bad that way....short summer because we began with kids Sept. 22...but we have to start again in August... uh!

    1. Yah, LA Unified also has a late spring break this year. I don't know if I could have made it to the end of April. :)
      When my last school opened we had a late start date due to the opening, which was great for the long summer. But the rest of the year the breaks were very short and the year went on and on and on. You'll be glad to be back on your old schedule.

  3. oh how i envy you! with getting up in the middle of the night to nurse and waking up early to drop D off to school and neither boy napping at the same time i need sleep.. so much sleep!