Monday, April 4, 2016

More Photos From a Hike

This past weekend, we ventured out into the mountains again for a hike.  This time it was to Towsley Canyon.  Towsley is also part of the Santa Susana Range, across town from the Wm. S Hart Trail from last week.  This is good park because there are actually 2 different loops, one about 5 miles and one about 2 miles.  It warmed up this weekend so we went early in the evening.  There was only enough time to do the shorter loop before dark.  Another short but steep loop.
It's kind of strange to be in this park as the parking lot area and paved road to the trails used to be a riding stable called Rivendale.  I spent many-a-Sunday growing up at horse shows hosted by Rivendale.  There isn't a trace of the stables anymore, which is odd.  
On the Canyon View Loop trail looking at the Towsley View Loop Trail.  
I still can't get over how green it is right now.  We had 2-3 more days of night rain this past week, which is making the color last longer and the wild flowers bloom.  Soon enough it will be yellow and brown, but right now it is breath taking.  
Looking down at the Towsley Lodge which was once owned by the Rivendale Ranch.  It is now used for parties and events.
Once reaching the top of the loop and ready for the descent, we headed in the direction of the 5 (Golden State) Freeway which, in this area, runs right through the mountains.  The other side of the freeway is the general area of where we were earlier in the week.
The color and wildflowers were so pretty along the descent.  There were even a lot of California Poppies (our state flower), but most of them were closed up for the day due to the waning sunlight and wind.
 I wanted a picture of Rigby in this grass with these little purple flowers,
 but she wasn't having any of it.
 I like this loop.  The longer one has a lot more to see (a spring, tar pits, caves), but this was a good workout with the incline.  I've felt it in my legs the last day or two.  This area is known for snake sightings.  I was sure glad that we made it through without seeing any!


  1. It's wonderful that you have such lovely places to hike and be in the great outdoors so near where you live. I say near, not sure how far you have to drive to access them. Anyway, the scenery is gorgeous and it looks like Rigby was enjoying it, too. (even if she didn't want to cooperate with your camera)

    1. It's not too far at all! Considering how spread out this area is, we do have a lot of protected spaces nearby. The only thing that can make it "far" is getting stuck in traffic on the way there. :)
      This was tough hike to take her on having to keep her on the leash. The steep descent was a bit contentious...I was afraid she'd pull and take me skiing down the trail. She was good though.

  2. Beautiful photos and how great that you can be there in a relatively short time. Seems you have the best of both worlds - a great home near the city and able to get to the great outdoors with Rigby.

    1. It is nice to be close to both. Any time I think that I'm tired of the crowds and the traffic and want to move to the middle of nowhere, I know would miss civilization. So the hikes are good. :)

  3. Wow, when your area gets lush it really does get lush. I was reading that even Death Valley and the area between you and Vegas can get very verdant with the smallest amount of water.
    The dog looks alert and happy.

  4. looks like a lovely walk..
    it's one of the things I miss the most with my danm ankle.. spring and summer will hopefully soon be upon us and while I don't have that beautiful view I still miss going on walk with my boys..