Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Treasure. A Benign Post.

My level of frustration with our federal government's new administration is on red alert, and if I were blogging about that, I'd have plenty to say.  Trying to bite my tongue and stay away from posting about politics has felt a little stifling which has led to me not really wanting to write about anything.  Writing benign posts feels mostly uninspiring...but I think I've got one today!  :)
My dad spent part of the 60s in the navy.
Part of his enlisted time was spent in Korea and the rest he spent in Japan.
Growing up, I vividly remember a tea set that he had brought back from his time in Japan for his mom (my grandma), who then gave it to my mom.  The delicate pot and tiny cups were white, decorated with a red and gold dragon.  I have vivid memories of getting this tea set out every-so-often and playing with it, because what made it so special and fun to a little kid was that when the tea cups were tipped up towards the light, there was a shadow of a Geisha.  You would have no idea it was there unless it was in the right light.  I found them so fascinating.
The set was housed in my mom's china hutch.  But sadly, in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, that china hutch fell over and most items in it were destroyed, including the tea set.  We don't have a lot of family treasures or mementos, but I would have considered that one so it was sad when it was gone.
Fast forward to earlier this year.  I was visiting with family at my aunt's (dad's sister) house.  Before I left, she told me she had something for me.  She went behind the bar and came out with a bag.  Inside the bag was a Japanese saki set with the same red and gold dragon design.  Come to find out, my dad had also brought back this saki set for my aunt and uncle.  My mom and aunt had somehow touched on the subject of it the last time they were together, and my mom mentioned how special I found the tea set.  My aunt decided to give me the saki set.  That just warmed my heart and made me sentimental over it.  The best part of the set...the little cups also have the geisha shadow in it.
Since I'm even less of a saki drinker than I am a tea drink - I rarely drink tea - this set is residing in  my sideboard which is much less top heavy than a hutch.  Hopefully, it will remain safe there.


  1. OK. A few things.
    Your Dad was an interesting man. Most guys ending up in Japan would've brought home swords or some sort of martial equipment. Not incredibly delicate sets of porcelain.
    Two, that he not alone brought one but two sets back, and while in Japan thought the women in his life might like them shows you didn't lick your artistic feel off the stones. Black cat===>black kitten.

    1. That is true to some extent. He didn't do anything artistic in his free time, but he spent several years as a technical draftsman in the navy and then later with McDonnell Douglas (which later became part of Boeing)
      Yes, I find it rather sweet that he brought over two sets. Even more so finding out that he brought one to my aunt.
      On the other hand, I do have an odd looking gun in my closet that was left there by him. I'm too afraid to deal with that. :)

  2. I've always liked talking politics as a way of political growth but over the last several election cycles, the subject has gotten so toxic that I rarely mention it anymore. It also doesn't help that I fall somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum so I generally get hammered from both sides.

    I'm not sure what the change was but I feel that in recent years, I've grown extremely attached to the things precious to my ancestors. So much of those things have been passed on to others down the family tree who didn't feel the same and got rid of them. Now that my family is condensing closer to where I live, I've started getting a few and they mean so much to me mostly because I know how much they meant to those that had them. I hope my children will someday love and treasure them for the same reason.

    1. I know we all talked of a moratorium on the news after the election, but I've found that so hard. I really like being informed, but shoot, the decisions being made and things being said, and the god, the tweets! Well, it might just drive me to start drinking! It is all blowing my mind.
      Anyhow, yes, I agree, those things passed down are most treasured, and a lot has to do with them being treasured by those before us. Sadly, the earthquake took its tole on a lot of those things.

  3. I have a tea set with the geisha in the bottom of the cups!! I need to do a post about it so I can show you.

    I love your saki set - the dragon pattern is beautiful. My tea set is a purple wisteria pattern.

    I'm so glad you found this benign topic to post about! ;)

    1. Oh yes! You will have to post. Your wisteria sounds beautiful! Asian motif isn't really my favorite by any means, but at least it's fairly simple and low key. But I bet your flowers are more my style.
      I CAN'T believe yours have the faces in the bottoms too! I've never seen anything like it! Where did you get yours?

    2. I'll try to get a post up in the next week or so - with photos! :)

  4. I just popped over here from Kelly's blog. I'm fascinated to know how they are made so that you can see the Geisha in the bottom of the cup. Very clever.

  5. Well let me say this is more interesting than anything you might have said about politics! Life is full of stories and I love this one -- and you tell it beautifully.

    With both of my parents gone, I have found family treasures to be more and more valuable, and not in a monetary way. What a wonderful gift you have been given and I hope it's protected from future earthquakes!