Monday, February 12, 2018

The Last Bit of Scotland

After two days on the Isle of Skye it was time to head back to Edinburgh.  Before driving off the island, our tour guide told me that there was a head teacher position in one of the little villages on the island.  It was actually a teacher/principal position that paid about $55,000, and there was only ONE student.  I wanted him to leave me there!
Anyhow, it was a long trip back, but we did stop here and there to stretch our legs and even look for a monster...
Lobster creels
The town of Dornie 
The "old" bridge of Invermoriston
We did send a couple of hours in Fort Augustus which sits along the shore of Loch Ness.  
We took the obligatory cruise to search for "Nessie"
 Well, would you look at that!  We spotted her!
Fort Augustus is a small (pop. +/- 600) village with an interesting series of locks right through the middle of town.  The locks are part of the Caledonian Canal which was designed in the 1800s as a way to connect the east coast of Scotland to the west coast.  

Our last stop before returning to Edinburgh was a darling little town called Pitlochry.  We had time to stretch our legs with a quick wander around town, and I had the best latte and millionaire bar  (shortbread, caramel, and chocolate) of the entire trip here.  
Once we arrived back in Edinburgh, we packed it in for the night as we had to say goodbye to Scotland the next morning.  


  1. Pounds, not euros. So about $65,000. :-)

    1. He actually told me in US dollars, but I wanted to convert it. But while my sleepy brain wanted pounds, my sleepy hands typed in Euros. Anyhow, thanks for the correction. I changed it back to US dollars rather than be cute about it. ha ha! :)

  2. The one kid was probably the spawn of Satan!

    1. That's probably true, but I've got a few of those in my class of many others...only one spawn of satan would be welcomed. ;)

  3. Does make you wonder about that teaching position....

    I love all the photos and I'm glad you came back and gave us a wrap-up. Now when is the next trip? Less than a month??

    Oh... and no photo of the millionaire bar? It sounds SO good, even if I don't eat stuff like that anymore. :)

    1. Actually the council of the western isles have had a policy of keeping schools open, in place for 150 years now. The idea is to prevent desertions of whole communities. For most of these places don't have a good reason to exist if you use economics alone. So they will have a school for just one pupil, but it's usually one child per year in the outlying islands, not one child for the school.

    2. The trip is not QUITE over yet, even though it feels like it was months long. :) One more stop (and group of pictures) to come.
      I do have some photos of the millionaire bars. Tours like this have so little relaxing time, so we got our hot coffee and snack and ran around the town to see what we could see.