Thursday, April 2, 2009

Greetings From Italy

Well, Im here posting in Italy on a computer that doesnt use all the punctuation that we do in the states, so pardon the poor grammar.

After a rough start we arrived in Italy about 5 hours later than planned. After leaving LAX late (as usual) we made up time in the air, but who knew that we would make a pitstop in Iceland about 2 hours before we were due to land in Frankfurt. Someone got sick on the airplane, fell, and hit his head so they had to land in Iceland to get him medical attention. I have always wanted to go to Iceland, just not when it was making me late for another planned trip. Since we arrived in Frankfurt right when our flight to Rome was leaving, we were rebooked on a later flight and arrived in Rome about 7 PM, 5 hours later that expected which meant we lost a half day in Rome, and if youàve ever been in Rome you know that we could have used the extra half day.

We have visited ancient Rome and Vatican City with a lot of city sightseeing in between. We are off to our final dinner in Rome in a bit and then leaving in the morning to pick up our rental car, AHHHH! Yes, thatàs right, we are driving in Italy. I can hardly believe it. Leaving for Siena in the morning, staying at a Chianti vineyard, so yay!

More travel updates to long as I have access to a computer. :)


  1. Wow - this is SO cool!! I'm so excited to get these virtual "updates" via your blog!

    (I've always wanted to go to Iceland too - believe it or not.... shame though that that poor man hit his head. Hope he is OK.)

    Have FUN! Eat, drink and enjoy beautiful Italy!

  2. Fun! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Have a GREAT time!
    Yes, foreign computers are hard to figure out...I couldn't get the "@" symbol in El Salvador so I had to cut and paste it to get to my email!

    Drive safely!

  4. Sorry we never touched base before you left. It sounds like you are having a great adventure already. CAn't wait to hear all about you driving. Look out all you drivers out there!

  5. Wow, you're on your trip. How exciting!!!!!! Have an awesome time!

  6. You left o ut what you have eaten so far. Want to live vicariously through you!! Don't hold out.

  7. Hope you are ok despite the earthquake!

  8. I am so excited for you as you are on this amazing adventure! It sounds blissful! Except for the part about the man hitting his head and making you late. : (.

  9. Didn't you just go on a holiday?

    Oh yes and I am also dying to know what you are eating!!!