Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Here

Summer has officially arrived in the valleys of Southern California this weekend. With temperatures over 100 degrees, it is HOT!

It's always a bit of an adjustment around here when the heat surprises us. The beginning of the week was cool, windy, and a bit cloudy, within a day or two it was up to over 90 degrees, and now it's over 100. We went from 65 degrees to 100 in less than a week. I'm haven't organized my hot weather wardrobe yet and my body just isn't used to that kind of heat yet, like it is in July and August.

How long will it last you ask. That's a good question. Usually we get a few weeks of heat, and then the June gloom sets in, the marine layer comes over the mountains and fogs most of our mornings up. However, I've been trying to find out what the weather will be like over the next week and I can't find an answer. I have been on,, and can't seem to get a weather forecast for the Valley. Over the last few days these weather sites have shown temperatures in the 80s. The 80s? Yah, right! These forecasts are most likely for Los Angeles. The problem with the LA forecast published for the Valleys is that, even though it's only 15 or so miles away, we are always much, much hotter in the summer and somewhat cooler in the winter. In fact, today's weather forecast said "Currently 82 degrees; High 85." It was 102 degrees in my backyard at the time. Not really an accurate forecast!

I hope it doesn't last too much longer. I'm not ready to start summer yet!


  1. SOS here...but it is already cooling off...too bad- now we're in for whatever weather gets tossed our way...most likely some yucky June weather!

  2. I hate it too. I hate to sweat and I hate to show my arms. Oh, and I'm butt white too.

  3. You aren't ready to start summer yet? WHAT? I can NOT wait for Kaish to be done school. He has been so stressed out this year...probably those mean teachers, oh, JUST KIDDING : ). I just read Water for Elephants. Wasn't that one of your book club books? Holy Cannoli was that ever good! WOW! I will send cool thoughts your way all day tomorrow!

  4. At least it's a dry heat, and the nights cool down. The summer temps peak at 8 or 9 at night in Texas, and never cool off at night'

    Are you watching the Bachelorette starring Jillian? she was your favorite last go around I think.