Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Blues

Sundays are always depressing to me.  I’ve written of this before.  I like to work and most of the time I like my work, but on Sundays I feel this overwhelming dread that I have to start a new work week.  Really the dread is thinking about all the things that I don’t like about starting a new week – the early morning alarm, packing my lunch, forcing myself to go to bed early so I can function during that early morning, etc. 

Once the week starts, that “Sunday feeling” dissipates and I’m fine.  Forget the Monday blues, I’ve got the Sunday blues.

Most Sundays I don’t leave the house.  I might do some chores, catch up on my favorite shows, or do something creative like make cards, or paint, or draw.  Nothing too time consuming though because I don’t want my last day of weekend to end too quickly.  Maybe that’s why they are depressing.  Maybe I need to make Sunday plans rather than avoid them. 

What do you do on Sundays?


  1. I know what you mean. I've felt the Sunday Blues since I was a kid. That dread of the week starting early, even tho it never ends up being so bad (OCD anyone?).
    I try and get the crappy stuff out of the way on Saturdays and plan one nice thing: a drive to take photos, a special dinner, an evening with the fire and the NY Times, anything to make me feel less ble. Sometimes I can actually fool myself.

  2. Sundays suck.

    I like a casual Sunday morning or scones with jam & cream... a bloody mary or four.

    But after that, they just suck. You can't get blind drunk on Sunday nights or risk having the whole week be ruined with recovery.

    There is never anything good on TV Sunday nights... Sunday afternoons are usually an old musical or classic movie, but then Sunday evenings stink.

    All activities on Sunday need to be planned in a way which extends that day.

    Whilst I like Sunday dinners, cooking big, hours long recipes make the day go too fast... so it is leftovers and cold sandwiches.

    When I was growing up we used to have to go to church twice on Sundays. Once in the morning, with a couple hour break for lunch, and then back to church for like a bazillion more hours.

    Mondays are OK, though. Like tonight I have had about 60 hard lemonades and I think I have officially lost any point I was trying to make.

    Tonight I am planning on making a Strawberry Rhubarb pie... Cindy Crawford's recipe to be exact.

    Earlier, I thought I was just "ripe" enough to do it, but now I have lost any and all motivation.

    The thought of rolling out that bloody dough just seems too tough for me right now.

    Slicing the strawberries seems fun though, but I don't think I can slice the strawberries tonight and store thenm for whenever the mood strikes to make a pie... Do you?

    Now I am sitting here feeling defeated over a strawberry rhubarb pie. I mean, if Cindy Crawford can muster the time and energy to do it, then why can't I?

    Am I that pathetic? Cindy Crawford!

    Oh god I wish it was Sunday.

  3. If you do nothing, the time passes slowly, but when you look back on it you wonder where it went.

    If you get active, the time whizzes by, but when you look back on it seems like a lifetime. Have you ever noticed how getting away for a weekend makes it seem so much longer?

    Mann's metaphor was the horizontal life vs. the vertical: lying in bed vs. being on your feet.

    There is no solution. We're all screwed. =)

  4. Any Sunday that I had all to myself would make me very, very happy!!!

  5. I like Fridays best. The anticipation of the weekend to come, all that. I love Sundays to be quiet. I love starting the day at church and ending it watching Dexter. Talk about your contradictions, huh?


  6. Well, we really try to go to church. I have been slacking a lot in this area lately and it is a shame. Church helps me focus LESS on my selfish self and more on the needs of others. I really need that. We usually go to the book store or the library after church. And we usually play with Shoshi. Our lives are VERY exciting. Gary is always working. I miss him. Kaish doesn't like school too much so he is always sad that Monday is coming. That makes me sad.

  7. I am very new to this site and just started it less than a month ago, I randomly came across your blog and totally agree with hating Sundays and dreading the new work week ahead. I added you on to my subscription-dealio because I like your writing style, just thought I'd let ya know!! :)

  8. I say you go out and take a few pictures for SIMC and share them with me. Be in the moment, every time your mind wanders back to work bring yourself to where you are.

  9. I kinda feel like that too. Sometimes I just want to call in sick on Monday, but I never do.

  10. We go to church, then either visit my parents, go to lunch or just come home and relax.

    We did watch the Nascar race but that season has now ended...

    It is a sad reminder that the next morning it all starts all over again.....true....true......

  11. I love Sundays. I go to church early, then either cook, read or just veg out. Football games are on the TV all day because I'm in a pool.