Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Koho’s Big Adventure

Copy of Picture 016For New Year’s this year I will be celebrating out of town. My usual “dogsitter” friends are also going out of town so Sheila, a good friend of my family, who has kind of adopted me when my mom is in Hawaii agreed to help me out. I asked her if she would come by my house and check on Koho a couple of the days I was gone. Not wanting to impose, I told her that I would leave Koho in the garage/side yard so she could be warm inside the garage, but still have access to the backyard. I would leave her a big bowl of food and water. Sheila said she was happy to help out, but wanted me to bring Koho to stay at her place. As many times as I said I didn’t want to impose, she insisted that Koho come spend the few days with her.

Sheila wanted me to bring Koho over before hand in order to meet her dog Cain and just to be sure they got along before I left her for a long period of time. This evening I had dinner plans in her neighborhood so I brought Koho over before heading out to dinner for a couple of hours.

The initial dog meeting was uneventful. They sniffed each others’ butts while wagging their tails. Cain followed Koho around the house while she explored her new surroundings. Before I left for dinner, Sheila and I went into her kitchen to see her new cupboards. While we talked, the dogs wandered around getting to know each other. However, after a few moments I looked over and Koho was starting to poop in the family room. How mortifying, right? I quickly ushered her outside into the dark backyard. She ran around the pool to the back corner of the yard to finish her business. Then she made a 180 turn, walked about 2 steps, and fell right into the swimming pool as I yelled, “No, no, no!” I watched her sink down to the bottom and then bounce back up. Rather than swim to the side she was next to, she swam the length of the pool to the other side, put her front paws on the side, and waited for me to pull her out.

At this point, I was still recovering from the pooping and now reeling from the unexpected swim. My dog is like 100 years old and, although it is not as cold as it is in other places, the water was probably only about 40 degrees. I’m surprise that she didn’t have a heart attack right there. But, we got her dried off and back in the house with the fireplace. Sheila told me to go and they would be fine. I headed to dinner, telling her to call if there were anymore incidents.

Thankfully, no phone calls during dinner, and I returned to pick her up about 2 hours later. When Sheila let me in Cain was right by her side. She said that everything went fine. She said she would go upstairs and get Koho. Why you ask? Because Koho decided that she needed to sleep on Sheila’s bed. I grabbed her leash and walked upstairs. When I got into the bedroom Sheila was sitting on the bed petting my dog, while her dog sat on the floor. What a brat!

I brought Koho home after making arrangements to bring her back before I go out of town. Can you believe that she is even welcome back? I can’t. Koho is a very, very tired dog tonight.
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  1. OMG! First of all, the pooping thing was sure not a good way to start things off. But falling in the pool? Did she just not see it there? Were you freaking out?

    So funny that she insisted on sleeping on Koho's bed. Hmmm. I wonder who taught her that? :)

  2. Of course she's welcome back.
    I would have been scared too if JJ fell in the pool

    Happy New Year!

  3. What in the world! Pooping! She must have felt VERY comfortable! WOW! Have a fun time!

  4. I have two dogs PD, both of whom almost always pee or poop in other people's houses, but only if they have dogs themselves.

    Part of my neighbor's fence recently fell down, allowing his Dalmation to get into my yard. Every time he comes over he poops right by the front door.

    I think it's just how dogs say, "I'm here!"

  5. I was waitring for you to say you jumped in and saved her. LOL. I can appreciate your dog stories now, being a loving dog owner and stuff.

  6. Oh, dear! The pooping! The swimming pool caper sounds like our recent experience when Jack got stuck in our ornamental fish pond!

    Now she's back home and happy.

  7. A doggie day care owner told me once that female dogs mark their territories by pooping.

    Have you ever seen those doggie life jackets?

  8. LOL! The Babies are the same--in Shreveport, they terrorized Ace and my in-laws.

  9. When my son (22) was under 3, he played at our next door neighbors all the time, with their 2 year old daughter. My neighbor and I always laughed that as soon as either of the kids arrived at the other's house, they'd need to poop and be wiped. We concluded they felt right at home, like your doggy obviously did.
    I panicked when she fell in the pool; otherwise this post was so well written that I could see, and laugh, at the whole thing!

    Hope you enjoy the time away; your pup is obviously in good hands!