Sunday, January 3, 2010

Part 2, Koho’s Big Adventure

Last week I wrote about my dog Koho’s mishaps at her soon-to-be babysitter’s house. I was so worried dropping her off for the real stay, not wanting her to be a nuisance. However, I didn’t have any other options really, so I dropped her off the night before I left. By the time I left to go out of town on Thursday morning, there hadn’t been a email or phone call so we went on our way.

Not wanting to hear distressing news, I put off getting in touch, but when I finally did the responses were actually quite funny.

These are the actual responses to my emails…

Email #1
Me: Hi there! Just checking to see how it is going? I hope well!
Sheila: Sorry, I am not giving her back. What a sweetheart. She kept me warm all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the amazing part is that Kane does not seem to be jealous at all. Have fun.

Email #2
Me: Hi there! Hope all is still well?
Sheila: K
oho doesn't want to go home, ever, but if she has to Sunday is best. So sweet and so easy. I am increasingly amazed at how well the two dogs are getting along, or ignoring each other. And Koho has managed to stay out of the pool. A real plus. And another super poop in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arf arf.

What a relief. Is is bad that I’m a “proud mama”?


  1. Glad it went well. I know you were worried about leaving your baby.

  2. See, I knew it would work out!
    We are watching 2 of my friend's dogs this w/e. Real cuties.

  3. So, Koho's a cuddler! Glad you found a good home for her...

    you know, when you go out of town :)

  4. Perfect. Hope Lucky and Koho play as well together when I drop her off! ;)

  5. Awesome! Somehow I missed the "test visit" post...I am glad it worked out!

  6. Koho looks like a sweetheart and I am so, so glad it's gone well!!

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a sweet dog you have : ) I think you are a great PROUD Mama! And you should be of course!