Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Celebrity (kind of) Sightings

This weekend, I spent some time at the Grove/Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. My last celebrity sighting at the Grove was pretty hard to top since David Beckham is a pretty big celebrity. This weekend though it was quantity over quality as I spotted five semi-celebrities.

Upon arriving at the shopping/restaurant mecca, we had lunch at Maggiano’s. After lunch we headed across the street to the Farmers Market to start the shopping part of our visit. Within minutes of arriving we walked right past Gilles Marini. He is best known as hot, naked guy Dante, Samantha’s sexy neighbor, in the Sex and the City movie.
gilles-marini-dwts-season-8 He, sadly, was not naked fully clothed and holding the hands of his two young children as they walked towards the entrance to the Market.

After a little bit of shopping it was time for a movie. We saw Leap Year and then did some more shopping. All that shopping made us thirsty, so we headed to Monsieur Marcel’s wine bar for a drink and a cheese plate. As I sipped my prosecco, I looked to my right and these two were sitting next to me…
chrisvance_narrowweb__300x429,0 danay-garcia-2
If you were a Prison Break fan, you would no doubt recognize them from the 3rd season. Chris Vance has more recently been on the show Mental. He’s adorable by the way AND British.

Now my 4th sighting was actually sitting next to these two, but I don’t know his name. I guess he would be a semi, semi celebrity. But I do know he has been in shows that I watch. I just can’t come up with any of the names.

After some refreshments, we headed back to the car stopping first at Sur La Tab, one of my favorite stores. There was a cooking class taking place so I walked past to see what they were up to. The voice of the chef sounded so familiar. That’s because it was Marcel Vigneron, the runner up on the 2nd season of Top Chef. untitledHe was the instructor of the cooking class!

It was a fun day at The Grove. I actually wish I lived there.


  1. How fun!! It's been forever and ever since I sighted any celebrities- keep at it so I can live vicariously through you!

  2. Impressive! I never get to see anyone here in middle America. Oh, I take that back, I did see Ed Begley Jr and Dennis Weaver here at a Sustainable Living Fair. : )

  3. Sounds like a red letter day at The Grove! Lucky girl!

  4. This post makes me feel kind of depressed. I have no idea who any of these people are AND it seems that someone has Photoshopped Gilles Marini's head onto a photo of my body! ;-)

    The only celebs I spot in Seattle are musicians and business people like Bill Gates and Howard Schultz.

  5. Sadly, I would not have known who a single one of these people are. For all I know, I'm having more celebrity sightings than I know of.

    Glad you had fun, though!

  6. Man! That's a bunch of good ones!

  7. Wait... where's the picture of the fourth sighting?