Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had a flat tire the other day. I took it to the tire store to have it repaired and put back on my car. I tried to pay, but the manager told me it was no charge. When I thanked him he said, “No problem,” with a wink.

I didn’t really think about it again until I watched “Body of Lies” this weekend. This clip in particular…

(Well, the video is tiny and it's hard to tell it's a wink - looks like a blink. But trust me, it's cool)

I think “the wink” is usually thought of as corny or creepy. But in both these scenarios, it was kind of cool.

I don’t know how to wink. Not that I’m really the type of person who’d be a winker, but still, if I wanted to be, I couldn’t. I’ve tried a couple of times this weekend, but all that happens is one side of my face scrunches up. Maybe it takes practice.

Do you know how to wink? Are you a winker?


  1. Girl...he winked at you! Now you need to go back and just browse around the tire store and see if he asks you out.

    No, I can't wink ;/

  2. : ) I wink occasionally...only with my right eye. I don't think it's creepy if someone winks at me unless there is a creepy "vibe" behind it.

    Just so you know: If you see me wink, there is NEVER a creepy vibe behind it!!

    I'm with Grandma J...maybe it's time to go "tire shopping"!

  3. I was practicing my winking while reading your post. I think I got it down but it may appear more like a twitch or some kind of seizure. Not sure. m.

  4. It looked more like a twitch to me.

    And by the way, I can't believe that nobody has told you this...that wink meant he expected you to return the kindness with sexual favors, right after his shift ended. You blew it!

    (Or in this case, maybe you didn't blow it).

  5. I used to HATE when people winked. But then I had a daughter...she's seven. And SHE winks. ALL the time. It's hilarious. Now I love winking!