Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Cups Runneth Over


Last year, this cup became the bane of my existence. It is an insulated, hard plastic cup that Starbucks released for cold drinks. My first experience with the cup was when a work colleague started bringing one into work. It was very cute and kept her water nice and cold. I then told my best friend Kristen about the cup and she immediately expressed interest in it. I had this great idea of getting her this cup and some Starbucks’ gift cards as her Christmas gift. In theory, it was a good idea. In reality, it was a wild goose chase. Not one of the 100 Starbucks in town had this cup in stock. I tried their website, but they were sold out. Friends who lived out of state were contacted to check their local Starbucks. I even went on ebay where I found out why they were sold out everywhere. There were hundreds of them for sale for $40 - $70 a cup! Are you kidding me?!?! I finally resigned myself to the fact that this Christmas present wasn’t meant to be and turned my buying interests elsewhere.

The tides changed however this past spring. My Starbucks’ cup saga was well known at work so one afternoon I got a call from our resource teacher. Apparently the Starbucks down the road had the cups in stock. “Yes!” I told her when she asked if I wanted any. I actually asked for two; one for Kristen and one more me – after all the hoopla, I had to have one too! Unfortunately, when she arrived at the coffee shop they were all out except for one venti and one grande. She picked up the venti for me, so I at least had the one for Kristen.

cups 001

Shortly after purchasing this one, my mom called from Hawaii to tell me her local Starbucks had the cups and even better they had a cute Hawaiian flower on them. “Yes!” I told her when she asked if she could pick one up for me. I was thrilled, now I had one for me and one for Kristen. However, when my mom arrived into town with the cup, it was actually a grande cup, the smaller one. Neither Kristen or I wanted to the smaller one.

cups 002

After my mom’s arrival I stopped in Starbucks with a friend of mine, and while we stood in line I noticed they had a whole wall full of venti cups. “Hooray!” I told myself. I finally had a large cup for me and for Kristen.

cups 003

I was set. Kristen got hers with some gift cards for her recent birthday, and I had both a large and small version, including a cute Hawaiian one.

Over the summer, I met another work colleague at Starbucks in order to work on the writing training we do during the year. While we were texting back and forth to schedule the meeting she said she brought me back a surprise from her trip to Hawaii. When I arrived at our meeting time, she pulled this venti cup out of her bag.

cups 005

So now, in addition to the one I gave Kristen, I have 2 venti and 1 grande Starbucks’ cups, two being the cute ones from Hawaii. I could have my own ebay listing at this point. As usual, when it rains it pours, but at least it’s pouring into one of my 3 Starbucks’ cups!


  1. What a nice happy ending.

    Although I must say I thought this post was going to be about your bra.

  2. Why were they so much on ebay? Maybe you can regift some : ) or have a giveaway on your blog!

  3. I think that Jason and I share the same perverted brain. That's where my mind went to, right to the gutter. At least you got my attention. Way to hook me in!
    Your Friend, m.