Thursday, August 26, 2010


It’s funny to me that people are still talking about it being summer. Yes, on the calendar, it still is summer, but now that I am in my 3rd week back to school it no longer seems like it, except of course the 112 degree temperatures.

Even though summer is technically over for me and I’m already pining for summer vacation next year, Mama Kat asked about the perfect summer. So here we go…

no-kids-allowed School is out! Other people’s children are with the other people, and I’m not responsible for them until the new school year.

My bed is one of my favorite place to be over the summer. I finally get to catch up on some much needed sleep after the crazy school year.

CB068381I love going to the movies, but when I’m working I’m limited to the weekends, and even then it’s hard to get out to them. Summertime means I can go to the movies whenever I want to, even the cheaper matinee. This summer I caught Inception, Dinner For Shmucks, The Other Guys, SALT, The Girl Who Played With Fire.

credit-card-swipeSpending money is just a fact of life over the summer. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite thing, but it’s the nature of summer vacation. I never have time to go shopping for fun things when I’m working, so when I’m off it’s like a not-so-free for all with the credit card. New shoes, clothes, decorating items for the house, dinners out, movies, outings, etc. all cost money and when I have the time, I spend money!

HuntingtonandGetty Villa 041I try to make traveling a part of my life, but not in the summer. Summer travel is too hot, too expensive, and too crowded, so I prefer to stay home and do my long distance traveling during winter or spring break. And even though just being home is delightful, I do get a bit stir crazy. Summer is good for day trips to museums (like the Getty Villa), the beach (like Santa Barbara), and just spending time in the city shopping.

I’m breaking the rules and adding another picture that depicts this summer…
Picture 035I adopted a puppy what was I thinking! Rigby is rotten and wonderful all rolled into a cutie patootie! It’s been nice having a dog in the house again, but she tends to wreak havoc on the house. But who can’t forgive that face. She’s been working very hard learning her manners like sit, down, wait, stay, leave it (which we use A LOT), come, and even some fun ones like shake and roll over. She’s not enjoying me having to go back to work neither am I, but she’s getting better…only a year and five months until she’s two!

Summer went by incredibly quick, as usual. I could have used another couple of weeks, but I did enjoy the time I had.


  1. I really like "other people's children are with the other people." TRUE TRUE TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN!!!! And also the bit about movies. I like the dollar movies for the kids - in our town they are typically run at 10 a.m., four mornings a week. Even if we've seen them before, it's still a fun time.
    Found you at MamaKat's.

  2. Hi,
    Sounds like a nice, relaxing way to spend your time off. My mom was a teacher as well. She just retired and loved it until the end.

    Your dog is adorable. I have a real soft spot for animals. Hubs is allergic to dogs, so we have one very spoiled cat.

    Thanks for visiting my space today. I'm glad to have visited yours. Your tagline is GREAT.

  3. We don't start school until September 7.

    Your summer sounds awesome as can be. The puppy is so cute.

    Have a great year.

  4. Great list! I listed movie going in my post too. Let the coutdown for next summer begin!

  5. Vacationing in your bed...that's my idea of a "stay-cation"!

  6. I too love the "other people's children are with the other people" part!

    We have taken in several movies this summer. I even took off work to go see Inception one afternoon with my Beau! Sounds like you saw some of the same ones we did this year! Great stuff!

  7. Wait a minute. Your bed is your favorite place all of the time! I want you to do a post about what your bed looks like on a typical school night--you know, computer, school papers, books, remote, crafts, ipod, sketchbook, camera, and a coke with lots and lots of ice. Did I forget anything? Oh, and Rigby somewhere in the midst of all that.

  8. Thanks for the visit over to my place, and your welcome.
    The kids here in Ireland are starting back next week after two months of holidays for kids up to 12 and three months for those under 18 or so.

  9. And why is your bedroom so clean anyway? Is it really your room? As much as I try, mine is a mess. Clothes for 6 people everywhere waiting to be ironed and four kids fighting to watch the only television in the house without parental control. I need a vacation in your room. Can I sleep over?
    Your Friend, m.

  10. It's only been a week back here...actually 3 days...but it is NOT going well...5 kids w/IEP's, 2 of which should not be in a regualar classroom...(working on that after day 1!) and another with absolutely no English...I cannot keep the classroom door open as two will just walk out...they get up and walk around while I am trying to teach...or when I am just trying to get everyone sitting on the has not been easy or even manageable or even fun...contemplating which corner to hang myself in! And to think my colleagues at other schools are getting the same pay as I am and they have delightful classes with tons of help and want for no least I had air conditioning when the temps were over 100....more than I can say for a few years back :)

    Loved your summer post...wish I was still in summer mode!
    Happy Weekend,

  11. Nice post and cool blog! Keep it up :D

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  12. Big Foot is at the U of Colorado at Colorado amazing place. A view of the Rockies, Pike's Peak and lots to do outdoors....I could live there :)

  13. What an adorable puppy!

    What did you think of Salt?

  14. Beds are awesome places to live in. There is this song from Hair, which goes through a list of all the things one can do in bed.

  15. I had forgotten. MAY/JUNE/JULY. these are the Summer months.