Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Dirty Dog

This evening when I got home from work the puppy was waiting for me to let her in from the backyard. When I went outside to see her she ran around the grass 93 times like a crazed wild animal. The sprinklers had gone on a bit before so not only was the puppy wet she was a muddy mess from running around in the wet grass.

When we go to the dog park, she “swims” in the water bowl before running around and rolling in the dirt. That also makes for a muddy mess.

This muddy messy dog is a new concept for me. My last dog Koho was tough and protective, but she was also dainty and proper. Koho would run along the outer edges of the lawn, stepping mostly on the borders to not cross wet grass. She hated water and wouldn’t step foot in a puddle or wet dirt.

That is so not the case with the puppy. If it’s wet or muddy she finds it. Then I find it all over my downstairs floor. 

Picture 021This is the rotten puppy…clean.  Pictures are hard to come by when she’s a muddy mess since I’m the one who has to clean her up.  Pictures are the last thing I want to do when grumbling while holding her with one arm and the hose with the other!   



  1. Oh no. Mud and dirt are often in our front door entry due to various children bringing it in. I never like it : ( but I do love the children that produce it.

  2. Oh, the joys of puppies! I love her anyway. Of course, that's because I don't have to clean up her mess!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your muddy, messy puppy... what a riot! I'd love to see a picture of her so I can connect the two. She sounds like fun and a lot of work.
    Yeah, it's work as someone has to wash her muddiness off before allowing her into the home... I empathize. Great write up!
    Visiting from Mamakat's where I shared about our pet cat. :-)

  4. My oldest dog is great and so much so that I thought that I could handle another dog. I was wrong. And this new one will probably live another 10 years. God help me!

  5. I think it's really cute!! But then again, I am not clean up after her!

  6. Totally going thru the puppy thing at my house too, and while we have mud, its the grass and leaves that she drags in that drives me crazy!

    Well, that...and the slugs she's been bringing me from the backyard.


    Fun post! Adorable puppy!

  7. She sure is cute though! She and Lucky could have had a date today at Pampered Pets!

  8. My one, a bit of a princess most of the time if I'm honest, will find the stinkest scat she can and smear and smather herself in the stuff. Then she bounces up to me with a pure and total happiness and yes, pride.