Monday, November 22, 2010

Listen…I Think That’s the Sound of the Earth Dying

Did you know earlier this year that Sun Chips introduced a new 100% compostable bag? Made of plant material, this bag is super good for the environment because it decomposes over time rather than sitting in a landfill for years and years.

I’m only an occasional Sun Chip consumer so I only knew about the new bag from some friends. They joked however about how noisy the new bag was. Here’s an example…

It is pretty noisy, but none of my friends stopped buying it because of the noise. In fact, one bought it just for that reason.

As I mentioned, I don’t eat a lot of Sun Chips, so I didn’t think too much about it after except that it was a great concept. I think all companies who package food should do so in compostable packages. Then this past week, while watching Real Time With Bill Maher, I learned that due to customer complaints about the noise, Frito Lay is returning to it’s original Earth-killing bag for 5 of their 6 flavors.

What could possibly be that annoying about the bag? All chip bags are noisy. Eating chips is noisy. Perhaps this bag is noisier than it’s predecessor. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bag you’d take with you to the movies, but really, if I were a loyal Sun Chip eater, this bag wouldn’t stop me from staying that way. Even if it did bother me, I’d handle a little bit of noise to help the environment. If it bothered me a lot, I might even put in a little extra effort and put them in a bowl.

To the people who would stop buying an Earth-friendly product because of the sound of the bag I have this message for you…
A noisy Sun Chip bag is a small inconvenience compared the sound of the Earth dying.

And a message to Frito Lay…
Shame on you for caving to a warped public opinion. An opinion of people who clearly can’t sacrifice anything (not even the sound of their chip bag) to help the environment.


  1. Get out of the city. I can't believe people care that much. INSANE! I would buy it just to play my part. In fact, I am adding it to our list for the market right this second.

  2. I agree!! People are whiny and I think it's sad that they have stopped using the bags. I thought they were a great idea.

    In my house, we always put chips in a bowl. A small bowl! Not because of noise, but so that we don't accidentally overindulge.

  3. I don't buy chips at all. Not because I don't like them, it's because I would eat the entire bag on the home from the store. Then I get a "Chip-High" and my driving gets bad. It's worst than drunk driving for me.
    By the way, sometimes the manufacturing of "green" items is worse on the environment than the non-green product. Sorry to get all "factual" on you. m.

  4. The Earth dying...jeez, depressing. I agree with you though. If you like the chips...who cares what kind of bag they come in.