Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maybe I Am A Little Bit Cool

I’ve been on a blog hiatus recently. Wanting to spend more time creating art than writing my blog. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do both, so I’ve let it slide. I will do my best to keep up with the writing. Still reading and enjoying your blogs.

I went shoe shopping this weekend. I love shoes; can’t get enough of them. We were in DSW for about 1 minute when I spotted these little gems…


I tried them on and they were so comfortable, plus they looked really cute with the jeans I wore. SOLD!

After wandering around rows and rows of shoes looking for a pair of brown flats I gave up (I can’t ever find cute brown flats) and got into line.

The checkout girl was probably about 20 and very bubbly. She opened the box and gasped, “Oh my god! These are so cute!” I agreed. “Not a lot of people have bought these,” she added, “It takes a special kind of person for these shoes.” I nodded and laughed politely all the while thinking, “What the hell does that mean?” But actually said, “Really? I just thought they were cute.” “NO! You’re really cool to pull off shoes like these. I couldn’t do it.” More polite nodding.

I’m so the opposite of cool, so as I left the store I wondered if this girl had just made some underhanded compliments at my expense. But as the evening went on, I decided to just be cool knowing that not every Tom, Dick and Harry bought these shoes. Now let’s see if I’m cool enough to pull them off.


  1. You are so cool! And those shoes? Phenominal. I love them. Wear them to school tomorrow. The kids will love them!

  2. Men have it handy in the shoe stakes. Brogues or Oxfords and you cannot really go wrong.
    On the subject of the female footware, I'm of the school that anything goes as long as it does not leave the foot looking like it was a product of the Chinese Imperial household or last seen on a bat clinging upside down in some Mexican cave.

  3. Love the shoes...not a fan of you not writing! ;) Missed your voice.

  4. I'm with the cashier, you and the shoes are cool.

  5. You are cool! I wish that I had extra money to buy cute shoes! And I do think those are cute!!

    I've missed you.

  6. Those are cute! It'd be boring if we all got the same kind of shoes, I say!

    I am in the same conundrum on either working on art or writing. Working full-time zaps so much time out of the day and then sometimes I'm just plain old lazy about doing either art or writing. And THEN there is the keeping up with friends and family members social events.

    I have been trying to tell myself to work on each passion for at LEAST 20 minutes each per day and if I'm really getting into it then I'll just put the other "stuff" on hold.

    Anyhow, I have rambled enough....I hope to see more posts from ya soon, I like your writings!

  7. Where did you ever get the idea that you were not cool. You ARE!!!!

    Love the shoes. I recently bought some similar and have gotten so much use out of them, even though I am not cool to the max degree. See, anyone who says "max degree" has definitely lost their cool edge. Sheila

  8. Was the comment accompanied by an eyeroll or smirk?

    Or on your way out did you hear the clerk say to the clerk next to her "Did you get a load of those Grandma shoes?"


    Then she probably meant it, because you are too cool for school.