Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AMLP: Photomobile

Last year I participated in the Sketchbook Project, a massive international art project created by the wonderful folks at the Art house Co-op. Today I signed up for another of their creations...A Million Little Pictures. Instead of a sketchbook, this time the Co-op sends out disposable cameras. These cameras are equipped with a flash and 27 frames of film. Upon choosing a theme, participants can interpret that theme using photographs and, after sending them back to the Co-op, watch them travel the country on the Photomobile tour. Afterwards those photos are housed in the Art House Co-op's permanent collection in Brooklyn, NY. As if I weren't busy enough and didn't have a billion other art projects started, but I've been on vacation for 4 days and had an itch to start something new! Actually, these projects are fun and pretty low-key while still being part of an international art community. Can't wait for my camera to arrive! My theme is "Creating a World". There's still a little time left to sign up. Go check it out! Here are some photos from last year's project.

(I'm irritated that blogger completely disregards my spacing and paragraphing. This computer doesn't have Writer so the format is leaves much to be desired. Grrrr!)


  1. Have fun! Sounds like a great idea. Are you enjoying your break? Your Friend, m.

  2. You should do it mark! You are a photo genius!!!

  3. Sounds fun! I can't wait to see my sketchbook in June in S.F!

    I had trouble with spacing my last post I had to use the code to make paragraphs! My gadget for recording my daily mileage has gone mad too...before it just spaced on its own- now it double spaces or adds no space at all...and there's no longer a blogger contact point...uh!

    Happy Break...I've got 2 more weeks :)

  4. @M That will be fun. The SB tour won't be in LA, but I think this one will! Two more weeks after this one for me! They are much much appreciated for sure!