Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Little New Year’s Trip

We headed to “Sin City” yesterday to celebrate the New Year.  My aunt has a condo just outside of town where she stays a few months in the winter.  So a large group of my family were invited for a visit. 

Considering it can seem to take days just getting out of LA County, it’s just about a 4 hour drive into Nevada.  A lot of people think the drive is ugly, but I rather like it.  The desert is quite bare and brown this time of year, but the mountains are a sight.
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Each range we passed was so different than the previous. Some are so rocky, some are rounded, some are light in colors while others are dark.

The desert is always a good bet for sunsets.    

stuff 002 stuff 003 stuff 004 stuff 005 stuff 007 stuff 008 I am a sucker for a good sunset, and the mountains turn purple.  Beautiful

Since we are not staying at a hotel/casino, our time gambling is limited.  That’s fine by me.  I love to play the games and chat with the dealers, but I can’t stand losing my hard-earned money.  When I do play, I’m frugal.  So when we went out last night, I was expecting to play for about an hour; figuring I wouldn’t last more than that.  How exciting it was then to have out-played everyone else at craps and then black jack, tripling my winnings! 

After all was said and done, I came home with two of these bad boys and some change.  Now I have to decide, do I end 2011 richer or keep playing since it’s not my money anyways…we shall see!

Happy New Years!  I hope 2012 is happy for everyone!


  1. Happy New Year!

    I remember driving through that desert from LA to Las Vegas, and it not very attractive landscape at all.

    It is rough, barren and rocky! That said, driving through it, I could help but think of all those pioneers, travelling to California in covered wagons.

    It must have been a tough journey and very hard on the old wagon wheels!

    Keep gambling those winnings!! It is Vegas! However if you don't gamble the winnings away, I vote that you spend the money on something frivolous, fabulous and totally impractical!!

  2. Isn't Gram Parsons out that-a-ways some-place. Or am I going the long way round.
    And as I'm on the Connors; Sinead 'O'Connor, aka 'the mad baldy wan' got married a few weeks ago over there (They wed on 9 December 2011 in Las Vegas, but 17 days later she confirmed their marriage had ended, noting that they "lived together for 7 days only".) via wiki.


  3. Holy WOW; where did all the photos come from. They weren't there the last time.

  4. @hula - that was probably a very rough trip for sure. If it had been summer it would have been brutal. Spring is pretty when the cacti and other desert plants are in bloom. My plan was to put it towards Xmas bills or maybe a new pair of shoes...but we know the outcome of that!

    @vince - I think he died in Joshua Tree which is just a bit south of this route; but all part of the Mojave Desert. Well at least sinead had the foresight to not spend zillions on a wedding that wouldn't last, unlike the Kardashian ding dong. Regardless, I've always thought a "drive through" wedding in Vegas would be a kick.

    A lot of pics probably took that long to load.

  5. Some say he's still there !!!!.

  6. No, his body was nicked on it's way to Louisiana for burial. At LA airport, I can't remember which. Anyhoes, nicked it was and they say the Nickers brought it out into that desert. Apparently the best part of his life was in that desert. U2 gave a nod to it in the 80's with that album.

  7. On my way to California on Christmas day I flew Southwest through Las Vegas. Las Vegas to Ontario was about 40 minutes total, that is the way to go through the desert. Happy New Year and Good Luck!


    I love that drive...but I never gamble...I hate losing $$ too...the sunsets are gorgeous...enjoy yourself to the fullest!

    I love the heat there...but it does get chilly in winter!

  9. @vince - ha ha! That's great. Hadn't heard that one.

    @banker chick - it is a quick flight, hardly worth the price you pay for the airfare. I prefer to drive so I can pack more. :)

    @marey - it is warm here this weekend. Packed for cold and wind, but it's about 80 in the sun.

    Happy new year to you too!

  10. I'm glad you're having a nice time and most of all that you're coming out on top!

    I'd say stop while you're ahead, though.

    I hopefully it won't take you 12 hours to get home.

    Oh, and those were amazing sunset pics.

  11. That is awesome! I have never gambled. I think I would like it. I also LOVE the sunset. So pretty!

  12. WOW, That IS vast landscape... but a change is as good as a rest as they say. Sounds like you had a great New Year!
    Jennie. x