Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday 9

This week’s Sat 9 questions are fairly painless…

1. What do you think is the most unique thing about your generation?
I think I’m a Gen X-er, right?  Hmmm…All I can think of is that we’ve watched technology expand exponentially over our lifetime.  Mainstream tech was virtually nonexistent when we came into the world, and now we can’t live without it. 

2. Do you speak out as often as you should?  I’m fairly opinionated, so probably more than I should…

3. How often are you tough and unreasonable?
I’m pretty tough, but not necessarily unreasonable.  I can be stubborn, but only about reasonable things. :)

4. Do you believe that sometimes you learn more from a failure than a success?  Of course!  A combination of success and failure is quite educational.

5. Do you feel that you always have to win?   I’ve never been terribly competitive with games.  In fact most of the time I don’t win and I don’t care.  However, I am competitive with myself.

6. Do you think tradition matters? I do think traditions are important.  They’re part of our past; our history.  In some cases there is a line where tradition impedes progress, and in that case moving forward is probably more important.

7. Do you tend to root for the underdog? Who doesn’t like a good underdog story?

8. Have you ever felt that you want to exceed your parents’ successes? No, I’m too busy living up to their expectations. 

9. Of all the cartoon characters that you know of, which is most like you?  I haven’t watched a cartoon in years….Maybe Bugs Bunny because he’s so sarcastic.

And what about you?


  1. I like your tough but reasonable answer. :-)

  2. I'm like you, I don't care if I win or lose.

    I just don't understand how people can get so emotional over "their" team.

    1. I do get a little emotional over my Kings, but games I play for fun like cards or whatever, eh, who cares when it's supposed to be fun.

  3. You can never totally please your parents. It's nice that you try...

  4. Off topic, well a revision of one from a while ago.
    I put the seeds of a vanilla pod together with the pod into a rhubarb compote yesterday. OHHHHH MY. It lifted a good dish to the stars.
    You really should try it in your icecream for if it reacts so well with an acid. Reaction with the fat should send it to the truly sublime.

    Now back to you 9.
    1] I heard another definition this morning for GX. It's the first in hundreds of years that their lifestyle will be worse than their parents.
    2] I don't know you that well but I say you weren't either shy with your opinion or overly pushy.
    3] I think 2 and 3 are a coin. But for myself I've learnt to cool it somewhat. Getting tough too early means you are closed to reasonable information. And that can be downright dangerous. A lot of people find that to be their only win though. These people are downright dangerous as then two things happen. You end up being trammeled as being a reasonable one or you reflect back and everything becomes a ruddy pointless war.
    4] Not as ofter as I'd like to think. I feel we can be tracked into a method of thinking early which virtually guarantees repetition.
    5]It depends on the definition of 'win'. If you are scared of heights leaping with a parachute is a win.
    6] Oh yes. Traditions are extremely important.
    8]Hmm, I'll write about that over on my place sometime. It's a sore one.
    9]The entire point of the cartoons like boy bands is that they catch everyone with some resonance. We are designed to look for similarities, I think. It's why we go about Europe to see the sights

    1. Oh, rhubard and vanilla sounds great! I will have to see if I can find rhubard in the stores...I don't even know what they look like. I do know that after having it in pie, I liked it because it was much less sweet. That strawberry ice cream I made was really good, but after a spoonful, I couldn't take the sweetness of it. Thanks!
      Your #1 is probably true for a lot, which would make #8 difficult wouldn't it?
      For #4 A lot of people have that knee jerk reaction to failure that possibly leads to additional failure. I tend to be more proactive than reactive though, and failures have probably contributed to that. It's tough being in a personal or professional relationship with someone who is reactive because they view thinking about it for too long as dragging my feet.
      I see your comparison of cartoon characters and boy bands (which is a great way to put it :)). I don't see where traveling Europe fits in?

    2. Oh, and for 5, I was taking win as in a friendly game or competition, which I am of the "it's not if you win or lose...." frame of mind. I completely agree with the win you mean, like personal accomplishments or overcoming one's obstacles. Those I always WANT to win.

  5. Underdog stories make the best movies.

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. I like the idea of being competitive with oneself. That way you never lose, but you DO improve. It's a nice way to approach life.

    1. Ha! I was thinking of it as an annoying character trait. You make it sound so progressive. :)

  7. As a teacher it is important to be tough but reasonable as I am sure you are. Good answers all.

    1. Ha! You're right, but I wasn't even thinking about teaching.

  8. I speak out a lot. Today at work I did and then I ended up feeling bad because I come off sounding so forceful, but then I think about how I would feel if I hadn't spoken out and that would be worse.

    1. It would be ideal to find a balance between not letting others walk all over you and not turning into the bitch who's always ready for a fight. Depending on the circumstances I tend to be at one end of the spectrum or the other, feeling bad about being treated poorly or feeling bad about coming across as bitchy. Wouldn't a happy medium be nice. :)