Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Beach Break

Some friends and I rented a beach house in Oxnard for a 4-day mini break. 

It was probably the most laid back, relaxing trip I have ever had – lots of chatting, lots of sun, lots of walking, lots of reading, lots of board games, and lots of beautiful weather. 

Our house was actually a beach shack built in the 1920s and slated to be torn down in 2009.  The current owners bought it, renovated it, and now use it as a rental.  It is a kick on the outside and just beautiful inside.  A lot of the house’s original fixtures (windows, frames, etc) have been used for the decor.

stuff 063 stuff 003


stuff 004

One of the original bunks.  It was like sleeping in a fort.  I think it reminded Rigby of a giant dog bed.
stuff 048
stuff 005 stuff 006 stuff 007 The loft had two more bunks and a gorgeous view.
stuff 008stuff 009

stuff 087
Hollywood Beach was right across the street, and we couldn’t have had more beautiful weather. 

stuff 021 stuff 022 stuff 011      
We brought cards and Mexican Train with us, and the house had Clue and Scrabble.  It was a game-filled vacation.  The round kitchen table was a perfect game table.
 stuff 023 stuff 025 stuff 055

The Hollywood Beach neighborhood is so clean and beautiful.  I enjoyed the scenery while out walking.

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We took a quick trip into downtown Ventura for some window shopping.  stuff 1
San Buenaventura Mission sure looked pretty against the cloudless blue sky.
stuff 069  
stuff 065
The best part about the whole trip…

stuff 079  The temperature didn’t go above 70.  I really wanted to stay until winter.


  1. Delighted to read your taking a holiday. Do you swim. Can you swim in the ocean. The dog looks very relaxed for being in a place not her own.
    I like the houses on Ocean and the ones backing onto Sunset. Not so much the ones on the harbour side of Sunset, actually not at all.

  2. The beach houses around here are an eclectic bunch. They are all different shapes, sizes, and styles and different levels of up keep. The lots are so tiny they can reach out the window and touch their neighbors, but some have built upwards and they're just huge.
    Yes, I like to swim but it was too cold. This part of the Pacific is much cooler than south in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The temps rarely get up high enough to warm the ocean. There was a constant cool breeze which made being in the sun at the beach very pleasant, but did cause a few goosebumps.

    1. Bwahahaha, is it full to the gills with Irish being the only semi cool spot in a 1000 miles. Why do I keep thinking Simon and Simon.
      Marvelous all the same that you reference a place and people in Oz, Ire or NYC can view it and can chat much like a person passing through a town in a car ten years ago.
      I like the art deco stuff, mostly because it hasn't all the bells and whistles like in Florida but holds to the core simplicity.

  3. It DOES look like Simon and Simon's setting. :) Ha ha! I'm not sure where that was, but very similar if not.
    The Art Deco homes are the ones that look most like the typical beach house here. I don't know that I completely love the style, but it seems to go ya know.

  4. Oh I am jealous!! The house is so cute...and I love to play Mexican Train! So glad you got away for some relaxation :)

    1. I know! Super fun game. It was a great getaway...from summer vacation? :) Much more relaxing than say your trip to Half Dome but certainly not as accomplished. I didn't even finish my book.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh I lived in LosAngeles for 4 years, and never took those mini vacations. I always wanted to go to Catalina! Love your blog!!! Have a great week!!

    1. Thanks for coming by!
      It was so clear we could see the Channel Islands from the shore. It's usually so socked in with fog they're hard to see.

  6. GREAT pics...what a cool house!