Saturday, July 6, 2013

These Drugs Are Better

Luckily, Rigby’s new flea medication doesn’t cause 24 hours of insanity.  Instead, it has a different side effect.
photoShe can hardly walk into a room without taking a nap.  I much prefer lethargy to cra-cra, but I do hope it wears off soon or I might be walking solo tonight.


  1. Wow, she's a beauty right enough.

    But the sleeping cannot be good either. I don't know how this stuff works. I suspect it sit in the liver and is released over time. And if that's the case then who knows how long we should wait between re-do's. What I am certain with Jess is the dose is too much and I should be getting the meds for the Small dog not the medium.
    For you though I don't know. You may have lots of nasties she can pick up while out for a bit of a run that don't exist here. Still though, I'm pretty convinced 'they' have pet owners, who like over protective first time parents are over worried making them wide open to aggressive if subtle marketing.
    Hell, I'd tell someone to jump in a lake if they told me I was being a bad father. Notwithstanding my lack of kids. But if you said I was being a bad pet 'keeper' it would cut me to the quick.
    Our problem here in Ireland is there is no one who isn't in on the game since the vets are dispensers of meds as well as diagnosers. Come to think on it I may just give the veterinary college a bell come Monday. Those university lads&lassies tend to be more than delighted to impart.
    I wonder if the dose is measured to farm dogs who would be twice or even three time more active than my Jessy. And I also wonder if food, water and with you heat, changes the speed of metabolism.

    1. I don't think it's good either but I worry about her not being on anything either. Awhile ago I took her off of the meds, as I usually do, in the winter and she developed tapeworm from digesting flea eggs. Ick! It was gross and embarrassing. She did perk up this evening. The heat we've been having may contribute to the lethargy, but since the meds she's been so sleepy, like can't keep her eyes open sleepy. The new meds are taken orally, so at least I'm not dealing with the mess of the liquid on her ridged back.
      The meds are dispensed by the vet here too. They push them for pet protection and, as you said, I'm not knowledgeable enough to disagree.

  2. Poor baby : ). I hope he is feeling better soon.