Sunday, September 29, 2013

Enough Already

This afternoon, the House voted to attach the delay of The Affordable Care Act to government spending and increasing the debt ceiling.  The Senate says they will vote against it, and both parties point fingers blaming each other for a possible government shutdown that could take place on Tuesday. 

I’m so over this congress I can hardly even wrap my mind around what a bunch of self-righteous buffoons they are.  While they speak about loving America and all that it stands for, we are going on maybe the 40th time they’ve tried to repeal the ACA on the grounds that the American people don’t want it.  Which is ironic in that the American people voted Obama as President for a 2nd term BECAUSE of his platform on healthcare reform.  The majority of the American people do want this reform, despite the disturbing commercials that came out this past month.

On the brighter side, after being considered one of the most ungovernable states in the nation only a year and a half ago, California is making a comeback. We had several years of poor decisions under the Govern-ator that catered to that “1%” and basically broke us.  With some positive human-rights’ decisions and a budget SURPLUS, we’re getting it done these days.

It’s far from the utopia he speaks of, but it’s nice to not be the worst on all the lists and the butt of all the jokes anymore.  Yay us!


  1. That is super creepy! When is your birthday? Mine was Sept. 21. I thought yours was the 23.

  2. On this side of the atlantic there is an awareness but it's something we don't really understand, not truly. We don't really get the interlocking and blocking capacity of each body.

    1. We don't get it either. This has all been mind boggling and frustrating and primarily to spite the person WE voted into the presidency.

  3. Happy Birthday....and you are not as old as I am and I am not old :)