Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mystery Pills

The last thing you want to do when you are sick is drive to the store for medicine.  Therefore, I usually keep a stash of drugs for such an occasion.   When I woke up this morning feeling like I might be coming down with a cold, I haphazardly searched through drawers and cabinets looking for the stash, hoping to find a Dayquil or something comparable. 

My search seemed fruitless as I dug through a flat or two of Benadryl which might stop the stuffy nose, but would have knocked me out cold for several hours.  Then I came upon these white pills.  
stuff 272stuff 271

Neither the front nor back of the package said what they were though.  Since I don’t buy over the counter meds except for decongestants, cough/cold, or allergy, chances are it was for something sinus related.  Not being quite sure though, I looked up the maker and the pill # and the ingredients online.  The meds are in fact a decongestant of some kind, but not knowing the reason I had bought it in the first place made me hesitant to take them.  It’s a mystery why the maker of medication wouldn’t put what it is, beyond the ingredients, on the package.  While the name of the medication helps me with its use, the ingredients don’t mean anything to me.

One last shuffle through the silverware drawer was far more successful when I found these bad boys.  I’ve never been happier to see a Dayquil package.  stuff 273

After they took effect I headed out for a couple of errands, including more cold medication and Kleenex.  I know I have 2-3 boxes of Kleenex in this house somewhere (from the last time I was sick), but for the life of me I can’t find them anywhere.  So now, I have four more boxes to hide around the house to not find when I need it.

The last couple of days I haven’t been home until after 9:00 at night so Rigby has not been on a walk in two days.  Now, not being able to breathe through my nose, I know we’re in for another day or two without activity.  As a peace offering I also came home with a new toy to vicariate in order to pass the time. 
stuff 276

stuff 275stuff 274  

I know I’m partial, but really could she be cuter!?!?!

Anyhow, it’s 3PM on Saturday, and I am looking forward to a restful remainder of the weekend.  And so far the floppy dog toy is still intact. 


  1. Oh poor you. Next time do the lemon honey with cooled boiled water with a dissolvable aspirin thing. Works bloody wonders if you don't use a lot of acidic stuff generally. I don't know why exactly it works but it does a job.
    Mind you the worst I've felt with a cold or flu was in summer for there is something really icky being ill that way in the heat.
    Course it could be a pollen issue. Is there anything like a cordyline flowering near you. That's a proper bugger for those Irish living in Spain.
    She really is a gorgeous dog, but how the hell do you keep the place so clean. I gave up on that battle years ago. Which frankly was a good thing for before I got my Jess I was getting a bit too fastidious for a bloke, twas leaning to a OCD house pride. I can't say that now though. But your place is spotless. A gender thing ?. :-)
    PS, do you have one of those packs that you can heat in the microwave. They can work blooming wonders on the tightening of the neck-shoulder muscles when feeling bleagh.

    1. Ha, I don't think it's that spotless. In fact I could point out all of the things wrong with it, but I'm trying not to do that anymore. :)
      Yah, I keep going back and forth on if it's a cold or allergies. Our nights are cooling off nicely so I've opened up the window the last couple of nights and wake with sinus issues. Today, though, it's not subsiding. I always have trouble distinguishing between allergy and cold since I so often suffer from both between the stuff in the air and all those germy kids. It's only from the nose up that feels bad though. Which is such a pain because even though I don't feel sick, I can't breathe which makes everything I do exhausting. However, even though I had to cancel some plans, it's kind of nice to just 'be" today. It's been a busy busy couple of months so it could simply be time to stop for a couple of days.

    2. Isn't there a pollen mesh you can get for windows. As to allergies, I know since I halted milk I haven't had a chest infection and I would have had at least one of those a year. It makes me believe base allergies as with milk where you simply don't think of it are the real problem.
      In the UK where they do a lot of recycling of water, they say water is drank seven times, there seems less chlorine than in the water here but they are advising allowing water to stand a while of even boiled before drinking to rid the water of the chlorine.

    3. I think dairy products definitely do something to those sinuses. I don't notice it as much when I'm well but when I'm congested dairy definitely exasperates them.
      As for the water...I know we've got the chlorine as well...I can smell it from the tap. I drink it filtered from the fridge or bottles that I have that do the same. The smell at least dissipates that way. There's not a chance in hell that I'd take or have the time to boil it before hand. :)

    4. I'm not advocating boiling all the time. Well I am, but I', realistic enough to know that won't occur. But when you are sick, boiling will rid the water of any residual chemicals, esp the chlorine, thereby giving your makeup a chance.

    5. The boiling water in the hot tea and honey I had today will be the extent to which that happens. :)

  2. Sorry you are feeling so poorly on your weekend!
    And yes, that dog is the cutest...I was going to comment that even before you said it! I love her ears!!

    I was just thinking I made it through last year with out so much as a cold...I think a lot of it had to do with having 17/25 of the same students...they knew I didn't tolerate touching their noses...made them get hand sanitizer after I saw anyone pick!! Also hand sanitizer before snack and after the restroom because I knew they did not wash their hands!!

    Now to train my newbies! I only have 11 of the same students this year.

    Enjoy your!

    1. She might actually be able to fly with those ears. :)
      I was sick all the time when I first started teaching, but have gotten much better. I think I was sick sick maybe a year ago. That's pretty good for me. :)
      I don't like the feel of that sanitizer stuff so I don't make my kids use it. But I wash my hands all the time and so do they. But even so, that doesn't prevent being sneezed on occassionally. There was a bout of stomach flu going around my classroom a few weeks ago. I'm happy to have gotten a cold and not that (knock on wood).

  3. I love how you say 'stash of drugs' (been watching the Breaking Bad marathon.. still on season one so no spoilers) Glad you didn't take the mystery pills. Hope you feel better soon.