Sunday, October 13, 2013

50 Shades of Casting

Over the last year or so Hollywood has been buzzing about the making of the book 50 Shades of Grey into a movie.  We’ve been inundated by the question of who would play the main characters.  There were many rumors flying around until about about a month ago when it was announced that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson would play the lead roles. 

untitled1Hunnam is best known for playing “Jax” on “Sons of Anarchy”.  In addition to his being very good looking, I am slightly obsessed with a fan of that television show and think he plays his role very well.  Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson (from Miami Vice fame) and Melanie Griffiths.  She’s a cute girl, but I am not familiar with anything she’s done.

Regardless of their attractiveness, after the casting was announced, I wasn’t convinced either were a good fit.  I read 50 Shades for book club about a year ago, and although I wasn’t impressed with the writing, I definitely had a picture in my mind as to what I envisioned each character to look like.  Neither Hunnam nor Johnson fit the bill in my opinion.  He’s too young looking and rough around the edges and she’s too cute and perky. 

However, since I wasn’t being consulted on the casting, I didn’t think too much about it beyond, Meh!  I may or may not see the film if/when it comes out and while entertainment reporters/bloggers worked themselves into a tizzy over the news, I didn’t really care. 

This afternoon, Jlo and I went to the movies and this very subject came up.  I mentioned my confusion over the casting and shared my opinion for Christian Gray – Michael Fassbender. 
536989_413432635416592_822554422_n After pointing him out in a preview that played before our movie, Jlo agreed that he was a much better choice.  Again, too bad we aren’t in casting. 

Anyhow, come to find out, tonight it was reported that Hunnam has dropped out of the film citing a busy schedule with “Sons” but many are speculating that the outrage by obsessed fans over his casting may have scared him off.  So now 50 Shades is Christian-less again.  The names they are currently throwing around are Robert Pattinson (rolls eyes) and Matt Bomer.  Bomer might aesthetically fit the bill, but since he’s an out-and-proud gay man, the audience might be unconvinced. 

So if anyone is asking me about casting, I vote for Michael Fassbender.  I’ll go see the movie if he’s Christian Grey!


  1. It is quite possible I am the most uneducated tv movie star viewer in the world. I don't know one single person you named in your post. I do like the picture you posted and I would vote for that man too : ). So, hopefully when casting call gives me a call they will take my advice. My book club did not pick that book, so I haven't read it yet. I might have to if our November picker chooses that. She is leaning towards it. We will see.

    1. It's not the best read, but it will make for a fun book club. :)
      It's hard not to know here. Often our news leads with entertainment. I saw something he was in just before reading the book and his character was similar, so he is who I envisioned while reading. I will do that a lot with books and then Hollywood messes it all up when they cast someone different. :)

  2. From the very little I've read about that book I would've' thought an actor with a bad rep would fit better. Colin Farrell instantly comes to mind. Mind you not knowing what puts wind into any females sexual sails I truly cannot say if he would fit.
    I saw the Hunnam fellow in SoA the few times I've caught sight of it, but it's Ron Perlman from the film Enemy at the Gates I see. As to Johnson, she doesn't seem to have been in much of anything.
    And if they fellow must be English how about Colin Firth.

    1. Gerard Butler ?

    2. In fact, the character isn't English. It's funny that most of the rumors have been about English actors.
      I will see most of the films the actors you mention are in. They're easy on the eyes and quite good, most of the time. However, with the exception of Firth, the others come across as more the bad boys than the intellectual business man. While Firth can play that to a tee, he's too old for the character. I kept thinking "American Psycho" as I read the book, although not as well written.

    3. Ahhh, so a sort of Jeremy Irons. Sorta cruel but in an intellectual way as well.
      In truth though does the age matter. I can see the intelligent bit mattering a good bit. You have to picture someone with the potential to force control to devolve to them.

    4. Yes, exactly.
      The age wouldn't matter to me...the book just infers he's around 30. They don't usually cast older.

  3. if only you you WERE casting..
    Didn't read the book.. not planning on watching the movie but I do like Fassbender.. and love Bomer..