Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Exercise at Home

I saw this online today...
I've got one like that!  My only defense at this point is to push her off...while laughing.  She thinks it's a game, and the paws go flailing - stepping on my stomach, chest, neck, and head.  
And this morning, I did eight push-ups with a stuffed, squeaky dinosaur toy sitting on my back.  Rigby brought it to me and set it on the flat of my back.  A gift! 
About half the time, she waits patiently on her bed or by the back door looking out the window when I work out.  The other times she thinks me being down on the floor means it's time for some fun.  It's very endearing, but a pain nonetheless.


  1. Press-ups are most hilarious too. There you are focused on a spot on the floor when a head appears in that spot looking up at you. You just splutter.

  2. Okay, but the squeaky dinosaur on your back is adorable. Too bad there's no selfie of that. :-)