Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's always a relief to have finished all the Christmas shopping.  Gifts for kids are pretty easy.  Even if you don't know what to buy for a kid, their parents are usually able to give hints on what the kids want, because they want A LOT of things.  Adults, on the other hand, can be quite challenging.  Adults don't go around much commenting on the things they want because most of the time adults buy those things for themselves.  Every so often, a mention might be made about something they'd really like to have, but often that is larger than the average friend or family member might buy -  like a car or a new kitchen (I've tried!).  Therefore, on most occasions I'm left to my own devices with finding gifts for friends and family members.  Once Christmas arrives, all the presents have been wrapped or stuffed in bags, there's an "I'm done!" feeling that occurs.
But it doesn't last long!  January is only a few short days away, and I have some important January birthdays to worry about.  Before my dad passed away, there were only 11 short days between Christmas and his birthday.  But even now, January still has a few birthdays that I buy for.  And I've used up all my good ideas with Christmas!  No rest for the Christmas gift weary...It's time to get my thinking cap back on again!


  1. Go in to China Town and get some of the Luck Bags. Then put a Benjamin or two into it.
    I know it sounds a bit cold but we all have items we'd just love to have but how the heck can we expect people to know our minds. I know you women expect your men to mind read, being so in tune with your needs that you don't require to use your words at all. Well if you have one of them, you have one who'll snuggle up with a bottle of wine and a box of brie to watch Downton Abbey, you've something known as your gay best friend YGBFF.
    The Chinese have loads of fluff stuff for pennies that you can nest the red envelope if you're so minded to bulk things up.
    But the truth is for all the nose crinkling cash works. And the reality is you can afford to increase the value of the gift since you don't have to devote an entire day schlepping about shops you'd not normally be seen dead inside.
    If you think I'm wrong ask yourself what can a woman get for a man. Given the man isn't her significant other and where a set of lacy, puppy elevating, tushy perting and leg elongating secret from Victoria are out.
    Me, I want a compressor. Do I need a compressor, no. Why do I want a compressor, well it looks fun. But would you ever think of that, no of course not.
    OK, for a man, of a teen. If not cash in a tasteful Chinese envelope, then a lesson of two flying a plane/helicopter. I'd say you'll find an introductory offer for about the same as any present you'd get anyway.
    For a woman you're on your own.

    1. Ha! Well, very few people I give to warrant one Ben Franklin, let alone a couple. Some Andrew Jacksons are more my speed. :)
      Yah, and usually I do gift cards, which are almost as unimaginative - actually more really. In that case I'm deciding where the person gets to shop. I've always thought that was a great gift, because that's what I'd want rather than some silly item that I won't ever use. But after some years of I buy you a $50 gift card to xyz, and then you buy me a $50 gift card to abc, well at that point I wonder if we could be a little more exciting in our gift buying, or just keep our $50 to ourselves.
      In fact, a year or so ago, one of my closest friends just wrote me a check for my bday and said to go buy what I want. Cuz it's hard to buy. I wish could be more creative, but sometimes, that's all I've got!
      I do think it is easier for a spouse/sig other or someone you live with because they at least mention things they might need/want in around-the-house small talk, or at least I've found that to be true.
      A compressor? An air compressor?

    2. Yes, an air compressor. I can't for the life of me think what I'd do with it.

      I think the gift token works if you know, like with you, someone is into a craft/art and that's where they usually get supplied. Otherwise cash, tastefully packaged with an amusing story is the way.
      Do you have to pay to encash a cheque. We do. B's getting paid by both sides of the transaction.

    3. My dad had one while growing up. They're good for blowing up beach/pool toys and bike tires! :)
      No, we don't have to pay to cash a check. Some might have fees to use checks, but not for the recipient. Most of the larger banks have no-fee checking as long as the combined balance on your accounts is above a certain level. If it is, you don't pay anything. If it isn't, they charge you for every little thing, including the checks themselves.

  2. I have to get Kaish and Bria presents in January also. January 9th and 13th. You aren't kidding about how they have ideas! Ideas galore! I hope you get a new kitchen soon.

    1. Oh you've got an early Jan bday too! They're hard for both the creativity and the bank account. But at least they're kids. I find kids so easy to buy for.
      I hope I get a new kitchen soon too! And a new car! :)

  3. I have Feb birthdays for the boys and I have the same dilemma.