Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When It Only Rains Every Couple of Years Or So...

"It is like a firehose aimed at us from the south of Hawaii," was the news report this weekend about the rain forecast for this week.  As we know, it doesn't rain here very often (especially over the last 3-4 years in particular) so when a storm is coming it makes headline news.  I wasn't holding my breath though.  We've had a whole year worth of rain forecasts that were unfounded.  So imagine my pleasant surprise when it was actually raining this morning when I left for work.  I wouldn't say "firehose" raining, but it was real rain anyhow.  I think this was the last time it rained for real here.  It has been that long since I've used my windshield wipers.  They're maybe three years old and have only been used a couple of times.  And that's why they did this this morning on my way to work...
My short drive to and from work this morning had the rubber on the bottom of the driver's side wiper flapping back and forth, the wiper virtually useless.   It frustrates me to have to buy new wipers when, literally, they've been used less than five times.  The dry weather and lack of use dries them out so quickly that they probably last less time than if I used them regularly.  
Replacing the wipers is also a challenge for me.  Obviously, buying new wipers is few and far between, so I'm not very practiced in it.  I threaten to really watch how to take them off hoping that will help me understand how to put them back on.  But in the end, I have such trouble with them.  They're like a puzzle, and the directions on the package are unclear.  
By the time I get to the autoshop, the storm will have passed.  There, I'll buy another pair and it'll be another two years before I get to use them again.  
But hey, at least it IS raining.  It's sorely needed and definitely a welcomed sight.


  1. I just cannot imagine it not raining for so long.
    I read this this morning, and I was stumped as to how to open. And then this afternoon/evening it dawned I cannot empathise. Remember the mind blowing head wreck when you first moved to New England with fog rain sleet ice and snow. Now reverse it.
    Mind you I'd like to get used to your type of climate, of course I'd probably melt. :-)

    1. It's weird! I don't remember ever going this long without the rain. It's quite funny though how "we" react to it. While the rest of the world has rain and pretty much goes along as normal, we're paralyzed with inexperience. The kids are late for school, deliveries aren't made, the traffic accidents multiply. Rain is a freak of nature. We're such babies. :) I think the transplants who come here don't actually complain as much about the heat as the natives because they're so thankfully to not be snowed in half the year.

    2. We're the very same with snow. Four flakes fall and we're bitchin and moaning about snow drifts.

      I'd be careful all the same if I lived in LA. If rain falls in torrents it can sheet over the tarmacadam at a depth that can cause aquaplaning. In general though road design flushes water to either side due to a slight doming.

      Answer about lense and bag over on mine, in a mo.

    3. Yes, in addition to the road just being slick because it's wet, they say since it rains so rarely the water brings out the oils in the road which adds to the driving concerns. We're not really taught how to drive in the rain and that leads to driving that's much too fast or much too slow, both causing accidents.
      I miss having seasons very much because I did enjoy winters, but I can see where it would get tiring after the winter a lot of places had this past year and seem to be gearing up for already this year.