Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh Good, Something Else to Obsess Over

As I've mentioned, my new car is quite advanced, technologically speaking.  Advanced for me anyhow, trading up from a 12 year old car whose tech consisted of power windows and a CD player.  The Rogue has so many bells and whistles, I still don't know what a lot of them do.  Once summer break is here, I'll have some extra time to go sit in it with the user manual and figure out the rest.   In the meantime, the fancy odometer computer is causing me all sorts of anxiety.  Gone are the days of resetting the "trip" after filling up with a tank of gas and then dividing the number by the gallons the tank holds to figure out your gas mileage for the tank the next time you fill up.  That's how I did it for YEARS, and I also always knew when the gas light went on, I had about 2 gallons (25-30 miles) left.  In the new car, all of this information I used to figure out in my head is displayed on the dash screen ALL THE TIME!
 Therefore, I am now obsessed with this car's gas mileage.  Each time the "Range" changes I gasp and recalculate how much gas I've used and how good or bad the tank's mileage is going to be.  It is also putting a little crimp in my style as I tend to have a lead foot, and each time I use it, the number in the "Range" drops quickly.  The majority of my drive to and from work is on our old "highway" that runs alongside the freeway.  The speed limit is 55 mph, but there is a traffic light every three-fourths of a mile or so. Inevitably, the car will just get up to speed (and the miles-to-gas number has gone down), and I'll have to stop at a red light.  The constant stop-and-go has always irritated me a bit, but now that I have proof to what it's doing to my gas mileage, it's changing the way I'm driving.  Yes, that's a good thing, I guess, but I don't like driving slow one little bit!
To top it all off, upon getting to my destination and turning off the car (with a stop button, by the way - see, it's like the Jetsons!) another screen comes up telling me what my gas mileage for that drive.
Sometimes it's downright depressing, mostly on the drive to and from work.  The fast speeds combined with the stoplights is a bad combination.  This car is supposed to get 26 mpg around town and 33 mpg freeway.  Most of my trips around town are getting me teen numbers.
Still, I can't complain too much as it is incredibly better than it was in the old car.  This car holds 2 gallons less than the old one, and I'm getting almost 100 miles more to the tank. Even so, the in-your-face reminder of how much gas I'm using keeps it constantly on my mind.


  1. That display will cycle through a few like it. I don't know where you'd find them though. But one gives you the exact MPG you are using in real time.
    26 ?. That's nuts for a new modern car. Military tanks are getting better mileage than that, an for blooming certain a gas guzzler like a Rolls Royce gets about 35 to the gallon. Is your mile longer or gallon smaller. Must look that up when I've a mo'.
    Gotta go, be back laters :-).

  2. I don't know, I think the 26/33 is about average for a non-hybrid suv. I mean if I were actually getting 26 around town. I don't think they take cities with a stoplight on just about every block that aren't timed right so you stop at every single one into consideration. That's murder on the mpg.
    I haven't figured out how to change that screen yet. There's a "menu" on that last screen to update or cancel and I can't figure that out either...14 days until break!

    1. Efficient, that's a new one. :-D.

      Yep, there is a difference between imp and US gallons, 1.2. But the difference isn't as bad MPG wise. It just seemed bad for I convert in litres and km forgetting I have to move both.

      What I've found hard to do, at first anyway, is put it into cruise mode. That's on the wheel, where before it was under it at my finger tip. I don't really like that move to the middle of the steering wheel.

      If you've a lead foot do you also hate being driven. Would you say, instinctively gravitate to the passenger side if dressed up and going out with someone. Would you relax or be one of those that would be clenching and pressing an imaginary gas and brake.

      Had my meeting last evening. I'll write more on mine later.

      Oh, the radio. The knob nearest you, tends to contain sub menues that have lots of tunings. But I'd say that one you want is far easier to get too. It may be away from the column a bit, but it will be near enough to be part of the driving controls. So put your hands out as if to clap. The door hand should be pointing to the middle of the drivers wing mirror. But the driving controls will be inside that angle and inside a distance of a handshake 2/3 extended.
      And it's unlikely a two button combo will be needed. But don't quote me on that one.

    2. Ah, yes. Kilometers are a bit shorter than miles, aren't they.
      Ummm, actually I like when others drive. I enjoy the ride more if I am a passenger or even the driver with someone else in the car. Driving by myself, like the drive to work, I just want get there ya know.
      I DO NOT like cruise control when I drive though. The acceleration and deceleration it does on its own stresses me out. I'd rather just do it! :)
      Oh, you think the radio controls might do it? It does have a ton of options on its touch screen, but I haven't done a whole lot of looking through it. It could very well be. There is also a whole row of buttons on my left (remember the driver's seat is on the left here), just above the gas and hood releases and only one of them has a picture. But I can't figure out the pictures on them. So maybe there.

  3. 26/33 sounds pretty good to me, but I've also found reality is seldom quite what they advertise. As you well know, HOW you drive has a big effect on what kind of mileage you get. All the stop & go is brutal (but unavoidable in most circumstances).

    I keep mine on the screen that shows my odometer reading and the outside temperature. I don't like being reminded of all that other stuff while driving! And even with my manual, I have trouble resetting my "oil life" if the oil change place forgets. The instructions aren't worded well.

    1. You aren't kidding on the manual instructions. Twice I've needed to figure out how to do something and the book was useless so I just drove to the dealer and told them they needed to SHOW ME!. :)
      I'm a very "efficient" driver so not a fan of the stop and go, even less so watching the count down on the odometer screen.

  4. In my one there's a button near the door that looks like two files, when you press that it will cycle through all the options. distance to a new fill/av consumption/and so on.
    Just read it off the book at this moment, BTW. Seems I can survive without it. :-)

    1. Oh great! A file folder is something I can find! I will look while stopped at many of the stoplights I will inevitably stop on my way in this morning. :). Thanks!
      Drove behind a Versa (that's your Note here, isn't it?) yesterday. Where does Jess ride when you take her out? Is the hatchback large enough for her?

    2. Nope, no file folder button. Back to the drawing board...or the user manual. :)

    3. Yes, there is. But on yours it's on the steering wheel. It's on chapter 2 page 16.
      You press the file symbol, and above it there's a rocker switch like on an old tape recorder that lets you move up or down on the display. And there's a return arrow on a button beside the file that does something like bringing you out or back to the the main menu.
      Bloody marvellous what you can find on-line.

    4. ;) Love it!
      OK, after I finish my report cards I'll go check.
      Thank you XOXO

    5. Found it!! Now the only downside is that this opened up a whole other can of worms with the things that this car can do. I'm not sure what half the things on that menu will even do, but mystery solved! I was able to change the color of the car that spins around on the screen when I start the car. ;)

    6. Oh! But I did find a video on youtube that explained this menu. Woot Woot!
      Thank you!