Monday, September 7, 2015

Laboring on Labor Day

My washer and dryer have been on their last leg for quite some time.  I bought them from the previous owners of my house - they didn't have to take them, I didn't have to buy new ones.  The machines were old, I'd had them myself for ten years.  A couple of years ago, the washer started leaking onto the garage floor.  The repairman said everything looked fine, but it might have been a balance thing.  I kept using it, watching to keep things spread around.  But I realized that when using a the small or medium load setting, there was no leaking.  It was only when the super-size load was chosen that it leaked.  So I managed - there aren't many super-sized loads in this house.  Then the dryer started acting up.  The drum began "eating" anything that dangled - I have about 6 pairs of drawstring workout pants that no longer have a drawstring - and there were what seemed to be hotspots which would leave a burn mark on certain colors and fabrics.   Again, I managed by hanging most things to dry, turning things inside out or tying dangly things down.  I REALLY didn't want to have to buy a new set.
I read an article this summer that said this time of year is the best to buy certain appliances and with the Labor Day sales announced this past week, I started to do some research.  The amount of water saved with a new high efficiency washer makes the cost of the machine just about paid for over time.  And the more I researched, the thought of having appliances that don't leak or burn clothes was pretty appealing.
So this weekend, I broke down and bought these bad boys at Lowes.  They were delivered yesterday evening.
They're too pretty to be stuck in the garage.  And now I'm almost giddy when I'm doing laundry.  I'm almost sure the old ones were older than my last car, probably 15 years old, so I'm having the same reaction to the newness of them as I did with my new car.  There are so many bells and whistles, and they literally look like something out of the Jetsons.  I've done 5-6 loads of laundry thus far, and they work like a charm.  There is a see-through opening on the door of the washer where all of a wash cycle can be viewed.  The high efficiency machines work so differently than the old ones.  They are fascinating and seem like there's no way they are cleaning anything.  But so far, everything has come out fresh and clean and almost dry.  I look forward to seeing the change in my water bill the next month.
The only drawback?  The drum inside the washer is enormous so it's very difficult for me to grab a lone sock or unmentionable sitting on the bottom without almost falling inside.  I may need to put a small stool nearby for such an occasion.  


  1. Congratulations. You do realise you'll be drummed out of the feminist corp for the sheer glee you display for household white goods.
    Just a question, do you not have front load washers. And get one of those long grippers instead of a stool. Or even a rubberized kitchen tongs. You don't want to go head first into the darn thing. You might ding it and it's so new :-).
    And have you a clothes line in the garage for wool stuff and silk. Why not drape the lacey bits over it for natural drying, softer that way BTW.

    I've been wearing a cream/tan jacket all summer, and today as a nod to the US I changed to a grey/black tweed with jeans. :-D

  2. Ha! The Labor Day holiday signifying the end of summer applies more to you than it does to me. With 2 more months AT LEAST left of summer weather, a lot of us will still wear white or light colors. :) When I was on the East Coast, the "rule" was observed more closely.
    Most of my drying is done by hanging, really only the linens and cotton towels and clothing are dried. Most things I hang, just to keep them in good shape. Long ago, I'd hand wash anything that said to hand wash, but I can't be bothered with that anymore. There's a nice little "delicate" setting on the washers and with cold water they do just fine.
    Yes, yes, I am giddy over them...most appliances really. Isn't that weird?!?! :) I vividly remember seeing the movie "Father of the Bride" (with Steve Martin) a hundred years ago. The groom-to-be gave his future wife a blender the night before their wedding and she lost her mind, "What is this? 1958?" And I thought a blender would be a great gift! :)
    As for the front load, this one is not, it is top load. We've just recently had front loads come into play here ,where I believe you've had them for quite some time, and I've not heard of one person who has purchased one who really likes it. Plus, the door has to supposedly remain open so is always in the way. During my research I was told multiple times to stay with a top load. Which is fine by me since they are less expensive here. That would solve my falling in problem, though.

    1. Never heard the door thing before. We use them in the UK and Ireland because the electricity is so expensive. It ever you want to see an Irish or English person go ashen tell em you left the immersion hot water heater on for 24 hours. But it got me wondering if there was a reason why you in an area of water shortage they aren't used.
      I assume though you don't need to fill your one except when you have a big load ?.

      And yeah, you say that about the presents, but if you actually got one. Or worse a series of them over a few red letter days you'd do your fricking nut, and properly so too. Me, I'd give a blender to someone who loved margaritas, and with it would go the booze, the salt the zesty sugar and the limes. Plus a bag of ice. I wouldn't give a blender to a runner for smoothies for instance. It would be the same as if you gave a tool like a saw to your fella. The truth is it's more a 'house' gift.

      I read this on the tablet for I'm like a new pin I'm so awake. So I got up to write on the PC.

      Steve Martin was on the telly yesterday with cheaper by the dozen 2, in the woods. Hard to believe it's 10 years old.

      On the summer thing with you.
      Do you notice when people arrive from elsewhere that they get a bit hyper from the sun. It occurs here when people go to Spain for their 14 days holiday. The body starts to take on Vit D and it gets too much after a while and the people get depressed if it goes much beyond the two weeks. But for the first while it's all a big high.

    2. Oh, I'm sorry on the wideawakeness! Will Jess still be pawing at the front door bright and early?!?!
      Yes, I saw that you all over there use the front load almost exclusively. It's still fairly new technology for us over here. Up until maybe 5 years ago the only time we saw front loaders was in the laundromat. The reviews may even be due to what we all are used to. They are so much more expensive than the top loaders. The capabilities of the machine I got far exceed what the same price would have got me with a front load. This one cost $20 a year in electricity if you have an electric water heater, but since I have a natural gas one it runs on $12 a year. And it is high efficiency water wise. It weighs the clothes and only puts in what is needed. It is on the list of highly efficient machines and was eligible for a rebate from the water company. I say WAS because the rebate offer stopped on 8/31...just missed it.
      Yah, most people who come here LOVE the heat. EVen after years and years of being here. "It's better than the (fill in the blank) winters." When it gets over 100 everyone complains about it though. :)

    3. Awwww, shoot. Try it anyway, the rebate that is.

    4. I just checked! The applications are still on the site, so I will try it! :) I will just pretend that I printed everything off the site BEFORE 8/31 while doing my research. Fingers crossed!!

  3. I love your new appliances...and what I really love is that washer with the window on top! We have friends that have a pair with a glass door on both, and I've wanted the same set ever since. I have a feeling I'd spend way too much time just watching things wash and dry! :)

    I'm with you on the top load washer. My older daughter and one of my brothers have both had the front load variety for years and both love it, but most folks I've talked to hate them.

    You lasted longer than I would from hearing the problems you described, so I feel you were long overdue a new set. Yes, I always tie together drawstrings (I've spent way too much time threading those things back through, but at least I learned the trick of using a safety pin) and use lingerie bags for other stuff. Also, I've used the delicate cycle for hand wash items for years. The only rule I strictly adhere to is that hang or lay flat to dry. I've learned the hard way that there's usually a good reason why.

    I'm not nearly as strict about the Memorial Day/Labor Day "white" rule as I use to be. Think of all the "winter white" items they sell now. That said, I did wear a pair of white capris with a very summery top and flip flops to morning prayer Sunday as my farewell to summer (not that it's over here by a longshot, since we're still in the 90s most days).

    1. I'd never had issues with drawstrings in the past, so the old dryer trying to eat them was so weird. It pulled the heck out of them, knotting them all up inside of the waistband. There were also a few that were left hanging inside the old dryer because I had to cut them out. So yes, it was time! :)
      That's true, winter white is quite popular. I have a sweater or two in that color, but I forgot about them since I haven't worn a sweater in like 2 years.
      It was 106 today and is supposed to be all week. Blech! Last week it was in the 80s and there was all sorts of wishful thinking about maybe we are done with the scorching heat for the year. Ha!

  4. I am excited for you! I love our washer and dryer that we got years ago when we bought our house. It still makes

  5. Me excited when I do laundry. Front load is fabulous for me since it's easier to get all the clothes in and out.

  6. Yay! You will also find you use less energy also :) I have had mine for 10 years now and they are still doing a great refrigerator is the newest appliance that I love...never thought I could love an appliance LOL!

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