Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Girl and Her Bolt Cutters - First the Kitchen, Next...The World?

About a year ago I bought two of these pot lid organizers.
They seemed to be a perfect solution to my small kitchen cupboard problem.  You see, the two cupboards that would logically hold pots and pans are actually quite long, but the access to both are tiny tiny openings, making it so I can really only access what is near the door.  Retrieving anything from further back requires climbing inside the cupboard which is hard to do when the opening is only about as big as my head.  So accessing my 18 piece pot/pan set is difficult with everything stacked upon itself.  These lid holders would allow me to stack lids and smaller pans, utilizing vertical space without everything toppling down when taking the pieces on the bottom.  That was the plan anyways when I ordered them.  There was a little hitch in the plan when they arrived and DIDN'T FIT!  Even though I had measured, the drawer that sits above the cupboard lessened the height in parts of the cupboard that hadn't been accounted for.  Bound and determined to make them work, I found another spot further back in the cupboard, but it wasn't ideal.
This past week however I had some work down on the kitchen and had to move everything in the cupboards and drawers out of the kitchen and into the living room.  It finished up right after my vacation was over so I spent this weekend getting it all put back.  While working on the pots and pans cupboard, these organizers were tried in various directions and places, but they were just too tall to fit where they would be ideal.  With my head still inside the cupboard willing them to fit, I noticed that if it were just one layer less it would fit which led me on a search for how to remove that layer.  First I checked my toolbox which has acquired various tools over the years, but nothing looked promising.  Searching the internet for how to cut plastic coated metal led me to a site that gave various options for cutting vinyl coated closet organizers.  A bolt cutter was the solution.  I rummaged back through the toolbox, but I had not yet acquired one.  I called the hardware store asking if that was something they would do for me in their closet organizer section but was told they would only cut materials purchased from them.  But before hanging up I was also told that they accept returns with no questions asked, meaning come buy the cutters and return them after I used them.
While searching for one at Lowes, one of the salesmen stopped and ask if I needed help.  I told him my story and he recommended aviation snips instead since they would make a straighter cut. I took them home, and they did not work.  I went back, bound and determined to buy bolt cutters.  While looking at them I was stopped again by a different salesman who, also again, talked me out of buying them and just buying a stronger snip.  I did, and they didn't work either.  I love Lowes because they are very very helpful and never make me feel like a stupid girl trying to be handy, but I just couldn't go back a third time.  I went to Home Depot, where they are known to be not terribly helpful to women, figuring no one would try to help me and I could buy these darn bolt cutters once and for all!  And I was right.  I asked someone where the bolt cutters were and without even looking up the salesman told me the aisle they were in.  I found the size I needed and brought them home.  Within five minutes both lid holders were one layer shorter and slid inside the cupboard right where I wanted them!
One layer less!  The cuts aren't pretty, but who cares?  Not me!
 See how they slid right in, underneath the drawer?
 Ahhhh, organization heaven!
I can't tell you how happy this makes me.  To be able to find what I need without rummaging is so exciting.  
I will not be returning the bolt cutters.  They are a nice addition to the tool box.  I love feeling handy!


  1. Well done. Just one thing, did you put a plactic cap over the cuts. Or better file them down with a flat file. You reeeeeeeeally need to if you haven't. Those cuts are like a scalpel, so sharp are they.
    Darn good idea girl, and you probably needed the bolt cutters. That gage of wire is quite stiff. Even the smaller loops wouldn't really get cut with a sheet cutters, pincers or a pliers.
    You know I really don't think men who work in those places are doing the thing they do intentionally. Just remember that all tools are developed with a very exact task in mind. And if you went in and said I want a tool to cut letters in a block of stone the guys (for it tends to be guys) will reach and pull down a set of chisels without even looking back. But people go in with issues -like you here- that require them to really think about the tool for the job. Of course some are sexist dicks, but most aren't.

    1. I didn't file or cap anything. I think that's why they were trying to get me to use the snips instead to get a cleaner cut. But these are stuck in the back of the cupboard now, secured down, and a hand doesn't go near it. It looks terrible, but no one can see it so I figured it was ok. :)
      Yah, I don't think they are necessarily sexist either. I think it comes down to their training and store philosophy really. One caters to the DIYer and the other to professionals or those who really know what they are doing. Usually I find Lowes best for me since I don't know what I go in for, but as you mention, a problem. This time I went in for an item and they wanted to help me problem solve. I do appreciate it, but it added a lot of time and gas money to this 5 minute project. :)

    2. Agh no, the same would've happened no matter what you used. And you are correct, you are surely safe with it so deep.

  2. haha.. yay victory!
    we are home depot people.. Lowe's is a last resort for us..

    1. I personally feel much less like an idiot at Lowes, so I tend to start there. If I know exactly what I want and don't need the customer service then I don' have an issue with HD.

  3. Don't you love that feeling of accomplishment!? And I agree that you'll probably be glad to have the bolt cutters in your stash.

    As for the rough spots... you could always just stick a little putty or something on it.

    1. Or maybe some chewing gum...I've got that in my purse. :)