Tuesday, January 5, 2016

He's Back!

My dog nephew, Murphy, is visiting this week while his family is up in Mammoth.  This visit has gone along like last visit - Rigby is a moose who just wants to play, and Murphy wants to play but is too chicken to play because of said moose-dom.  Overall, however it's been a good visit so far.  Rigby is trying so hard to be gentle and calm, and Murphy has found that finding a high spot in the house  is mostly a good idea.
The only time it's not is when Rigby jumps on up on the couch and tries to wrestle him from there.
What is funny though is Rigby's behavior towards me this week.  I always try especially hard to love her up more than usual when we have Murphy here. It's her house, and I know dogs can get jealous when their person is doting over another. But this time, Rigby is being VERY clingy, especially at night after putting Murphy in his crate.  Rigby sleeps on my bed with me (don't judge).  This week, as I'm getting into bed she's stuck to me like glue.  I've fallen asleep with her body on my pillow and her head on my shoulder and am wakened throughout the night with her sleeping on my head or my back.  I happen to have a giant bed, and I'm getting about a foot of it to sleep in this week with the dog blocking just about every movement I make.  It's really very cute, but it has made sleeping a little less restful.  


  1. Awww. Poor Rigby. She's trying to be a good hostess without sharing you! :)

    It's amazing how much space a dog of any size can manage to take up, in a bed of any size! You think this will be the start of a new habit?

    1. Gosh, I hope not. It's cute and cuddly while I'm on break, but when I have to be up at 5 am starting next week I think I'll have a far different opinion.
      She does try very hard to be good. But it's hard, ya know. :)
      These visits come at good times, curbing any feelings I might have that getting a second dog is a good idea. Just putting both their leashes on takes like 5 minutes. I don't know how you do it with your pack. :)

  2. Well it helps that seven of mine are outside, free-range (so to speak). It's quite an ordeal getting them to the vet for rabies shots. Alice & Mabel seldom leave home and have a large backyard for exercise, but it's a MAJOR ordeal getting them leashed up to go anywhere! They go berserk (with excitement) when they see me pick up a harness. (I have a horrible story on my blog about collars. The outside dogs only wear them for their own protection - bright hunter orange)

    I know Rigby is a smart girl and will understand that these are special circumstances as far as cuddling in bed. Mine know their limitations in that they're only allowed on my bed when I'm in it reading and they have to stay on the blanket and not on my pillow! (makes my eyes itch) At bedtime they know to go to their crates.

    I hope you both enjoy the rest of Murphy's stay. :)

    1. That's it, the excitement is over the top and they egg each other on. I get one to sit, call the other over, and the one sitting comes while the one I want doesn't. It's a zoo! And we're having one of our El Nino storms right now so my yard is a swimming pool. One in that mess is enough, two is going to drive me to drink. :)

  3. I sasw this and wondered if you went to fetch him and bring him in. Or did was he brought over by his keepers.
    Sometimes trying to fathom their motives is a blinking minefield for you could easily be making things worse.
    You know something, just reading this has made me rethink asking the local vet if there was a re-homing needed that we were keen. I don't want to upset herself, the scamp.
    LA is wet ?.

    1. Yah, I don't recommend two after having just one. :) I know mine is pretty happy being the only one, she wouldn't be happy if this was permanent.
      It isn't wet, it is WET! It's several storms moving through, so we had a bit of a break yesterday late afternoon into the evening. But it's back at it now, coming down in buckets...and sideways. :)

    2. Hmm. well now you know why your ancestors had the good sense to end up in LA. Imagine that for 180 days of the year. :-)

    3. For about an hour or so it was like curtains of water. I don't know if you'll be able to watch this region-wise, but while we don't get it often, when we do WATCH OUT!
      I've changed my shoes three times today, just walking out to the car. On this third time I logged onto Amazon and bought a pair of rainboots. I haven't needed those in years!
      The up side is the mountains are getting dumped on with snow, so that's a very good thing.