Saturday, June 4, 2016

Holding a Place

With only 5 days left until the school year is over and my mother in town, these questions (asked by Kelly) will have to do.  I've had a lot of post ideas recently, just not the time to write.  As of Friday, I'll have all the time in the world!
1.  Since I’ve already broken the rules of this game by not tagging anyone… are you one who generally follows the rules, or do you like to be rebellious?  As a staunch rule follower, breaking rules causes me anxiety.  The thought of breaking rules causes me anxiety.
2. If you had to move to a large city in another country, where would it be and why?  Pretty much any city I visit becomes my new home in my dreams.  But I could imagine living in London, Amsterdam, Florence, or Prague fairly easily. 
3. What was your most frightening weather experience?  Here in California rain is our biggest weather experience...although it's been over a hundred degrees these last couple of days and that IS frightening so early in the year.  But seriously though, on one of my drives across country from school, we hit a hail storm while driving on the highway in Ohio.  Holy cow, the hail was enormous and it sounded and felt like golf balls were hitting the windshield.  We ended up following behind a semi at about 5 mph for protection and in order to see the road.  I enjoy a bit of bad weather when I'm inside.  Driving on the road at the time was frightening.
4.  With the Summer Olympics in Rio approaching, what sport do you wish you could participate in?  Since I rode horses for years, the equestrian events are always fun.  Although, now that I'm old, the thought of flying over 5 foot fences isn't as appealing as it was when I was 15.
5.  Do you consider yourself to be a patient person?  Qualify your answer.  Ha!  I'm the opposite of a patient person.  To qualify, I'm impatient.  :)  

6.  A question done to death, but if you could either go back in time or into the future, which would you choose?  Back in time, I think.  Going too far into the future seems like it could be a bit frightening.  
7.  What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?  (and no, recess doesn’t count) Reading (literature), writing, history were usually favorites.  Math and science were my least favorite because they were more difficult for me.  Funnily enough, those are what I enjoy teaching the most.  
8.  I love the idea of doppelgängers and our MamaDog has a pointy-eared doppelgänger living right up the road from us.  Have you ever had someone tell you they’ve seen yours?  No, I have not.  Plus, I've seen very few dopplegangers.  However, I have a college friend who lives cross country and a work colleague who, I could swear, share the same son.  Those two kids could be the same person.  Even their parents can hardly believe it.  
9.  What’s your favorite holiday and why?  St. Patrick's Day of course!  All the big holidays are usually spent with kooky family members, and St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with my friends.  
10.  Let’s hope an EMP doesn’t render our electronics useless anytime in the near future, but on a voluntary basis… how long do you think you could comfortably go without having access to your cellphone, internet, TV, and other luxuries?  A day, a week, a month?  It'd be nice to say I could easily give up those electronics, but that would be a lie.  I could give up the phone as a phone since I don't like to talk on the phone, but since I use it for so much more than that, it'd be pretty hard to even go a day.  A couple of times, my internet has gone down and once my router stopped working and I didn't have it for TWO WHOLE DAYS.  It was terrible.  
Happy June!


  1. I'm so glad you picked up the questions and used them here - I really enjoyed seeing your answers!

    Hail upsets me even when I'm safe in my house. Even pea sized hail can damage a roof, no matter how briefly it lasts. And it never ends up being as big as it sounds like when you hear it hitting. I can't even imagine what baseball sized hail would sound like!

    I've never seen my own doppelgänger, but I've seen others in my family. I guess where you are, folks never know if they've actually spied a celebrity or just theirs. :)

    And I can totally relate about the phone. I get poor service at home, so rarely use it for actual talking - just for everything I can do on wifi.

    1. Connectivity has become a way of life, good and bad, so to not have access is rough. We'd live, but we might have to start talking to each other again. ;)
      I'm not a good judge at similarities in people's looks. Whenever someone says, "Oh (fill in the blank) looks just like you," when talking about parents/kids I nod in agreement without seeing the similarities at all. :)

  2. What in university I did some work for a charity and was in many towns. During a day standing with a bucket and a roll of little sticker flags you began to see a quality of face for both men and women in that area. A sort of composite, this even though in theory people are supposed to be homogenized. But doppleganger for me, no.
    Rules are OK providing they aren't some little civil servant off on a hack having been given a degree of power.

    1. Oh sure, I don't agree with all the rules, but still follow them! :)

  3. Just five days.. yay.. I am eagerly awaiting summer holidays this year.. I am tired of waking up so early and dragging D out of bed.. I want him and myself to just be able to sleep in peace.. but our school close much later in June.. so many more days to go.

  4. I don't think I could go 24 hours without the phone. Like you said, I use it for everything BUT the actual phone.