Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flipping Out, Episode 3

That Jeff Lewis cracks me up. Here's a recap of Episode 3's craziness.

While visiting Ryan’s, his investment partner, office…

Jeff: This is so professional. You all have your own desk and your own computers. You don’t have three people sharing one desk and one computer. It looks like a real office.

Ryan: It is a real office Jeff. What did you think?

Jeff (in interview): In regards to the work environment between Ryan’s office and my office we run our offices a little differently. I think the atmosphere seems to be a little more tense in my home.

Jeff: There’s no dogs running around or barking. You guys must get a lot of work done here.

Ryan: We try. Don’t you think something like this would be nice for you and Jenny? Even this (pointing to the desk he sat at) it’s like you could still yell at her from over the little separator.

Jeff: This is way too professional for us. Where’s your sassy Nicaraguan housekeeper?

Jeff (in interview): It’s like too perfect over there. I don’t know, I just question it. I just question it. It’s like that family next door where everybody is like hot, and happy, and working hard which makes me think there’s something wrong. Then there’s my family. At least, ya know, we keep it real over here. We’re screaming at each other. We’re threatening each other. We’re quitting. We’re firing. Um, it just seems to me like that’s really the way a work environment should be.

When Chris comes back from the bank…

Jeff: Remember Chris, I like all the 20s facing same direction. See what is happening here, I have to now redo it all.

While looking at an investment property with Jenny…

Jeff: I’m hearing kids, screaming kids. Are we over a school?
Jenny: I don’t know, maybe.
Jeff: The price just went down fifty grand.
Jenny: Just by one scream?
Jeff: Ya, fifty grand per kid.

While Jeff was on the way home from buying nanny-cams for his house…
Ryan: When are you going to be at Valley Oak?
Jeff: Listen Ryan, I don’t know why you are bringing up that right now, this is really important.
Ryan: It’s important to you, but it’s not that important to me. Can you have a double session of therapy this morning?
Jeff: This sting operation is the biggest thing I’ve got going.
Ryan: Alright, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
Jeff: I’m working on catching a culprit is what I’m working on.


  1. I just saw this show for the first time! He is insane! I love him. I don't like the drapes...I don't like the drapes....I don't like the drapes.... And he was mad that Chris went to the bank for 10 minutes instead of hanging around with the cat for the groomer. Who grooms their cat anyway?! He makes my family look normal.

  2. He gives me a headache! He's nuts.

  3. We watched the tail end of an episode last week, and guess what? Giancarlo didn't like it!!!

    We'll try again this week.

  4. I liked when he knew the coffee wasn't 140 degrees, but 150 drove him absolutely crazy that it was the wrong temperature. KRAZY!!!

  5. It was sooo funny last night, but I dont understand WHAT Chris was doing...I didnt get that. Have to wait for next week.

    BTW, you have been awarded the Arte Di Pico (or some darn thing) aware over at my blog. Congrats! and now pass it on to five of your favorite blogs. :)