Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm so happy I received this award, not because I was necessarily jealous about Jason or my new BFF Grandma J not awarding it to me (even though that's kind of true too :), but because I LOVE quizzes. I was going to steal this quiz anyways and just do it on my own cuz quizzes are so much fun. However, since JLo awarded me the Brillante Award, I get to do it legally. So, yay!

Here it goes...
A. attached or single? single
B. best friend? Kristen
C. cake or pie? cheesecake
D. day of choice? Friday (after work)
E. essential item? ipod
F. favorite color? red
G. gummy bears or worms? Umm, french fries kind of look like worms, right?
H. hometown? Valencia
I. favorite indulgence? shoes (even though that's not socially conscious, but that's what a guilty pleasure is)
J. January or July? January
K. kids? No, thank goodness
L. life isn't complete without? laughter
M. marriage date? see letter A
N. number of brothers & sisters? a spoiled only child
O. oranges or apples? oranges
P. phobias? snakes
Q. quotes? huh?
R. reasons to smile? life
S. season of choice? tie between fall and winter
T. tag seven peeps! (see below)
U. unknown fact about me? I'm scared to go to the doctor and dentist
V. vegetable? broccoli
W. worst habits? roll my eyes when I am annoyed
X. x-ray or ultrasound? what does this question even mean?
Y. your favorite food? pasta
Z. zodiac sign? Libra

I am supposed to tag a lot of bloggers for this and I think most of my blogroll has received this award already and I'm not sure if I can give them out again so here are my award choices.

Cortney from Cortney Chronicles (Cortney is a giver)

Mike from What a Mess (even though he doesn't blog very much after he promised to blog weekly)

Elemento-P (cuz she's a shoe-a-holic just like me)

Tami H. (even though she's just a lurker who doesn't comment, she loves quizzes too - I expect an email my friend.)

OK guys here's how it works:1. When received, you may post the Brilliant Premio to your blog.2. Link to the blogger you received it from.3. Give it to 7 bloggers.4. Link to those 7 blogs.5. Leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the Brilliant Premio. I hope I am not stripped of my award since I only gave it to 3 bloggers and a lurker. At least I got to do the quiz.


  1. oh wow, I was going to give you that same exact award! But my new laptop wouldn't recognize my router, and I called, and got mad and cussed, then my back hurts.
    but I ever get another award, and believe me, it won't be from Jason, because he always overlooks me.
    I'm glad you got it!
    btw, I just got an email saying the fee for a second luggage will be $50. I wonder if I can UPS one piece to the ship cheaper.

  2. Hey there! Congrats on your award. And thanks so much for the blogby. When I saw Pumpkin Delight I raced right on over. And you got it, you're all invited to the Martini Party!!!!! We'll see by tomorrow if I win the Martini Party competition!

  3. Who would strip someone of their award? That would be so mean. Congratulations, Pumpkin!

  4. Okay shoe friend....I posted the I just need to get photos going on this dinosaur!
    Happy Friday!

  5. Yeah!! Glad you were excited!!

    Now on to the post about yesterday!!! :)