Monday, March 15, 2010

I’m Weird and Crazy

This week I was told that I am weird and crazy!?!?! The reason for the name calling was not because of strange behavior, but instead my feelings about the weather and daylight savings time.

This past week, the weather, in my opinion, was perfect. There were clear, blue skies, wispy clouds, and cool temperatures due to the wind. I like the wind, I like the cooler weather, and I like the clear (and by clear I mean dry) sky. I got to wear comfy sweaters, jeans, and boots, and I had good hair. Everyone else I know complained about the weather this week…EVERYONE! This week’s weather made me happy.

Daylight savings time started this morning. It’s so much earlier than it used to be. I don’t like that. Well, that made me strange too. Others have looked so forward to the “longer day”. They like it staying light later. I don’t, during the work week anyways. There’s something about it getting dark around 5:00 that makes STOP and relax. When it’s light until 6 or 7 or even 8, I tend to keep going. When I’m working, my body clock tells me it’s time to unwind once it’s dark. The later that darkness comes, the shorter the unwinding is.

Most of all, however, is that with the time change, that extra hour of light has to come from somewhere and, unfortunately, it is RIPPED away from morning time. I am not a morning person so getting up for work between 5:30 and 6:00 am is painful. That pain is lessened a bit when the sun is rising at this time. With daylight savings it is going to continue to be dark for another hour and a half AFTER I get out of bed. Just thinking about it makes me really crabby. It will, in fact, still be dark when I leave for work in the morning. Of course, it’ll work itself out over the next couple of months as the days continue to get longer, but since DST occurs so much earlier now, it will take longer to do so.

Once summer comes, I’m all for long days, late nights, and lazy mornings sleeping in, but since I’ve got to function while I’m working I don’t like it at all. Whose idea was this anyways!?!?

I know not everyone practices DST. Luck out! Do you? How do you feel about it? Am I really THAT weird and crazy? (I mean about this)


  1. I can take or leave the whole daylight savings thing...but I wish they'd leave it one way all year around.

    If you're weird and crazy then you have loads of company, and that makes you normal

  2. Daylight savings time really threw me for a loop.

  3. Utah Phillips has a great comeback for when some says he's "weird," "crazy," or "not normal." He answers, "Oh, I'm normal. What you mean is that I'm not average." =)

  4. i heard today that a study has shown it takes the body three months to adjust to the time change...that's enough to make me crazy...

  5. I like Teacher Tom's comment! No, you are not average, Pumpkin!

    I'm glad that there is a part of the year that you enjoy the weather. Because for a large portion of it (while I'm sauntering around with a relaxed smile on my face) you're grumbling and griping about the heat and the humidity.

  6. Today I was up at 6 am with my daughter and I was so pissed that it was dark. Come on! It should not be dark at 6 am.

  7. Do we honour DST here? No, Yes, No, Yes, No.

    They have it in a couple eastern states, but not here in WA. This is always an issue as we all do heavy amounts of business with the east and the 3 hour time difference (without DST) makes it very difficult.

    When i moved here I was relieved to not have to remember to move the clock back and forth.

    However it was decided that we would go on a three year trial.

    After not having DST and then having DST, I forgot how great it was to have DST.

    Then after the three years were up, it went up for a vote.

    Basically it turned into a city/country issue, with city folks wanting it and country folks not wanting it.

    The country folks won and now we no longer have DST.

    However the debate about whether we should have it ot not was ridiculous.

    "My kids don't go to sleep"
    "The curtains fade faster"
    "The cows get upset when they are not milked at a certain time"
    "It is dark when we try to swim at 5:00am"

    Soooooooooooo, then we moved on to have semi-deregulated shopping hours. Which means instead of stores only being forced to close at 5:30 and on Sundays, they were going to stay open until 9pm and on Sundays.

    Then it was a city/country issue again.

    City folk wanted it and country folk didn't.

    So then they dropped Sunday trading and it was from 9pm to 7pm then it was blocked by the country political party.

    All good reasons to plant a garden and live in a giant bubble.